Horizon Forbidden West: an update adding New Game+, an Ultra Hard mode and other new features available

Even before the start of State of Play of this night, some players ofHorizon Forbidden West were pleasantly surprised to be entitled to an unannounced update, adding a mode New Game+ and a game mode Ultra Hard for the more seasoned. A new list of three Trophies has also been added, asking to complete the game in these two modes and unlock all the new rewards. Necessarily, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games discussed the subject during the broadcast, trailer in support.

In addition to the elements already mentioned above, this patch 1.14 adds a way Performance for better visual fidelity, a system of transmog allowing you to keep a classy appearance while having equipment with good statistics, the possibility of reallocating skill points and new weapons for the New Game+. Here is what the PlayStation-Blog on this subject :

A big update is coming to Horizon Forbidden West

Of course, the studio continues to develop Horizon Forbidden West, which was released last February.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our incredible community and are thrilled to announce that a major update is available today. This notably covers the New Game+ feature as well as the Ultra Hard mode for those who want to push the challenge even further, but also includes many quality of life features that we are sure will please our community: the transmogrification, which allows players to customize the appearance of an outfit to make it look like any other outfit, as well as the respec feature, which allows players to reset their skill points in order to redistribute them .

Do you still think you can take down this Massacrepine? This update will come with a dedicated trophy pack that will allow you to track your victories as you rediscover the Forbidden West in Ultra Hard mode via New Game+!

You’ll also find a new herbalist who sells animal components, and we’ve reworked temporal anti-aliasing to improve visual fidelity in Performance mode on PS5 and rendering on PS4 Pro. We are already working on an upcoming update that will feature variable refresh rate as well as 40 FPS mode, so stay tuned.

Horizon Forbidden West is sold €52.00 on Amazon in its PS5 version.

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