Horizon Forbidden West is a graphic slap on PC, the proof in 4K

Ported last week to PC, Horizon Forbidden West took the opportunity to give us a masterful graphic slap in the face. This is even more obvious in 4K, with full graphics settings and a few additions.

Like every weekend, Digital Dreams offers us the chance to escape and feast our eyes. The famous YouTube channel has this time decided to take us to the Forbidden West with the sumptuous PC version of Horizon Forbidden West. And we are clearly not disappointed with the trip.

The PC version of Horizon Forbidden West in top graphical form

Already superb on PS5, Horizon Forbidden West has clearly taken advantage of the PC version to show itself in its most majestic finery. Nixxes, the studio responsible for porting Sony exclusives, once again shows us the quality of its work. Unlike Zero Dawn, its sequel benefits from very solid optimization. Who says PC version also means pushed graphics settings, if you have a sufficiently equipped machine.

The travel agency Digital Dreams therefore presents the game to us in all its immense beauty in complete fluidity. With graphic details at their maximum, NVIDIA technologies like Ray Tracing and DLAA and its in-house Beyond All Limits ReShade, the game is a pure feast for the eyes. To enjoy it even more, the video below is rendered in 4K for absolute clarity. So we’ll let you feast your eyes on… the truly magnificent landscapes of the Prohibited West (we saw you coming with Aloy, don’t lie).

Monstrous Machine Required to Go FPS Hunting

Of course, obtaining such a result requires a real war machine. In the description of the video, Digital Dreams details the very muscular configuration used in this sense. You will therefore need to count on an RTX 4090 graphics card, a Ryzen 9 7950x processor and 32 GB of DDR5 RAM at 6000 MHz. For more fluidity, a fast SSD like the Samsung 970 Evo is mandatory.

It won’t require as colossal sums of money as to set up the Zero Dawn project, but still. Regardless, this video shows us by example that Horizon Forbidden West can proudly pride itself on being one of the most beautiful games ever released.

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