Horizon Forbidden West: release for PS5 soon, but also for PS4?


The release of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 is approaching, but is the action-adventure also coming to PS4? We’ll tell you.

Horizon Forbidden West is a new PlayStation exclusive. (Source: Sony)

  • The successor to Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on February 18, 2022.
  • You can also buy the title for PS4.

Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn can hardly wait to slip back into the role of the heroine Aloy and face gigantic dinosaur robots in the open game world of Horizon Forbidden West.

The action-adventure hits February 18th for PS5, however also for Sony’s PlayStation 4. So if you have a PS4, you can also enjoy the new PlayStation exclusive.

Horizon Forbidden West

Here you can see screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West.

According to Bastien Ramisse, lead character artist at developer Guerilla, you shouldn’t have to accept any major compromises on the older console. According to him, the experience is just as immersive.

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However, you should consider these statements a little distanced, because the PS5 is the more powerful console and there will be differences in technical terms. You will probably enjoy a better frame rate at the highest resolution and shorter loading times with the PS5 version.

If you buy the PS4 version, you can upgrade Horizon Forbidden West to the PS5 version for free and thus even save money.

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