Horizon Forbidden West: the soundtrack arrives on streaming platforms

Horizon Forbidden West just released on the PlayStation 4 and 5 from sonythe open-world adventure game from Guerrilla Games dazzles the eyes, but also dazzles the ears thanks to the soundtrack composed by Joris de Man, The FlightOleska Lozowchuk and Niels van der Leest.

And if you want to travel without launching your console, sony just released the Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack on streaming platforms (Deezer, AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTubeMusic, Tidal). This is the first volume of a three-part album, which will ultimately include more than five hours of music, the sequel will arrive next month, on March 11 and then March 25. There is still enough to do today, here is the track list of this Original Soundtrack – Volume 1 :

  • Whatever Comes (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan);
  • Aloy’s Theme – Forbidden West (feat. Julie Elven);
  • In the Flood (feat. Ariana Gillis);
  • The World on Her Shoulders (feat. Julie Elven);
  • Echo of You (feat. Melissa R. Kaplan);
  • Unity;
  • Mother of All (feat. Julie Elven);
  • Shelter from the Storm;
  • Built to Kill;
  • Rusted Sands;
  • Guardian of the Deep (feat. Julie Elven);
  • No Footfalls to Follow;
  • Look Deeper (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan);
  • Trinity (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan);
  • As Certain as Stone (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan);
  • These Stones Unturned;
  • The Wings of the Ten (feat. Julie Elven);
  • Second Chance;
  • This Place, This Moment (feat. Julie Elven);
  • Resilience to Rise (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan);
  • In the Flood (Lovisa’s Version);
  • A Promise to Uphold (feat. Julie Elven);
  • Restless as the Weald;
  • The Trail We Leave Behind;
  • Edge of the Sundom;
  • A Steady Breath (feat. Julie Elven);
  • Adrift;
  • Off the Trail;
  • Restricted Access;
  • Wither and Ache;
  • The Chorus;
  • Solace Beneath the Stars;
  • A Scattered Reflection;
  • Machine Made;
  • Figments of Time;
  • Riddles in Ruins;
  • Steel Bones;
  • Marvels Below;
  • By Choice, by Fate (feat. Julie Elven).

Furthermore, sony shared two videos in which the composers reflect on the creation of the soundtrack ofHorizon Forbidden West, you can find it above. You can find our full game review, buying guide and collector’s edition unboxing right here:

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