Horizon Therapeutics: things are happening on Wall Street!

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( — The Horizon Therapeutics laboratory has confirmed that it is of interest to some buyers! What to agitate Wall Street this Wednesday … The group is developing drugs to treat rare inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. There are indeed very preliminary talks with AmgenJanssen Global Services (Johnson & Johnson) and the French group Sanofi, said management. The Wall Street Journal had recently mentioned rumors of active negotiations for a change of hands…

Horizon, which makes drugs for rare, autoimmune and serious inflammatory diseases, added, however, “there was no certainty that an offer would be made”.

Unrest on Wall Street

The laboratory had a market capitalization of nearly $18 billion. Tuesday at the close of Wall Street, but analysts are talking about a valuation that could well exceed 20 billion dollars in the context of a financial transaction… The main drug, Tepezza, is used to treat thyroid eye disease . Annual worldwide sales of this product could eventually exceed 4 billion dollars, according to the group’s management, which also estimated the peak annual sales in the United States of its second most important drug at more than $1.5 billion. , namely Krystexxa, used for the treatment of gout.

Tepezza generated nearly $1.5 billion in the 9 months ended Sept. 30, up 37% from a year ago, while Krystexxa raised $500 million, up 27% from last year. compared to the previous year.

Sector in motion

Recall that in the pharmaceutical sector, Amgen acquired ChemoCentryx in a $4 billion deal last October, while J&J this month announced a $16.6 billion offer for Abiomed. Sanofi finalized its side earlier this year the acquisition of Amunix Pharmaceuticals for about 1 billion dollars.

In accordance with the regulations, potential candidates for the takeover of Horizon will have to specify their intentions by January 10, 2023…


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