Horizon Worlds: the next graphic improvements revealed!

It all started with a screenshot posted by the CEO of Meta last Tuesday. To announce the launch ofHorizon Worlds in France and Spain, Mark Zuckerberg got caught in the selfie game by displaying his avatar in front of two iconic monuments of the two countries. The crude appearances of the avatar and the setting drew much mockery. Visibly impacted, Mark Zuckerberg informs us that significant graphical updates for Meta Avatars and Horizon Worlds are to come.

Aware that the acceptance of metaverse will be done through Horizon, the boss of Meta tried, on Facebookto minimize the gap between the promises of the Connect 2021 and the result here (see image below):

Major Horizon updates and avatar graphics are coming soon. I’ll tell you more during the Connect. Also, I know the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic – it was taken very quickly to celebrate a launch. Horizon’s graphics are capable of so much more, even with a headset, and Horizon improves very quickly.

Meta 3

What makes a graphically simplistic avatar look like a real person in VR is how the system translates head and hand tracking data, all in real time, and the still images that Zuckerberg shared don’t convey that.

You will have noticed, whether Mark or Barrett, the approach remains awkward. One tries to temper the situation by making us believe that if the photo failed, it’s because he didn’t have time to insert more elements into it, when we know full well that this are the said elements which are in themselves “failed”. The other tries to make us understand that if we did not find the screenshot to our liking, it is essentially due to the fact that an image is fixed and that in movement it would look completely different. You will agree, argument level, difficult to do worse.

Meta 4

Although the graphical improvements made to Horizon Worlds will be a welcome update to its user base, increasing the realism of avatars can have significant repercussions. During our first optimization attempts with Quest Games Optimizer, we noticed that it was possible to very easily push the application to high definition, without this affecting performance. We were then in the tutorial part of the game, with no avatar other than ourselves. Once teleported to our first world, along with other users, the stability was reduced to nothing. We tried the experiment again with the default configuration, and although a little more fluid, know thatHorizon Worlds row when it’s crowded ! A title that struggles to keep its number of frames per second while sporting graphics worthy of a PS2, this does not bode well. That said, if the project Avalanche materializes, then the impossible will become possible.

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