Hormones and Waxing: Aren't We Women the Strong Sex?

It still exists, the myth of the man as the strong sex. Our author didn't want to let it sit down so easily and went on a search for the legendary truth. A story of uncomfortable underwear, visits to the hairdresser and toilet discrimination.

1. "Now just relax, please."

Health and prevention are important, I don't deny that. And yet, every year the queasy feeling greets you when the time comes again: Day X. Annual examination. After all, who doesn't want to flee immediately when you've finally pulled yourself out of your clothes, sitting defenseless on the chair with your legs apart and unfamiliar fingers in the genital area? Please show it to me, the man who does not look inconspicuously in the corner on this topic of conversation, gradually moves away or sentences like "Does that have to be now?" from the stack (gynecologists don't count). Ha! All Adam's in this world are in need of explanation. It's a woman's business, you'll do it, get used to it … If I hear such sentences, I'll get into a crisis. Why not just have more acceptance and tolerance, even for uncomfortable topics? Speaking of inconvenient:

2. "Does it pinch?"

If we are ever in the lower body region, we cannot ignore this topic either: Which rascal actually came up with the underwear fashion for women? Briefs, which consist of a maximum of one scrap of fabric, may look sexy, mhm. But then they are not worth all the tweaking, pinching and straightening to me. When men are allowed to wear comfortable boxer shorts without us banging on their heads with a comment. So the next time we get a strange look from our loved one, when we slip into our (incredibly comfortable!) Grandma's knickers, we just look back stupidly. Because let's be honest: who needs the latest "Victoria's Secret" lingerie to feel sexy? At least I don't.

3. "Oh Shit", "Och nö" or "Finally …"

Well-known lyre, but you can't avoid this topic any more than a woman buying a tampon: the period. We are happy when we have it the very first time, but curse it when it comes at an inopportune time. Get anxiety when it doesn't come – or jump for joy because the long-awaited desire for children is almost guaranteed to be fulfilled if the days are not there. We hide the tampons in our fists on the way to the toilet in the office and torment ourselves through everyday life with more or less severe abdominal, head or body aches. It is an eternal up and down, this marvel of human nature. Not to mention the hormones. And yet I like to quote Bob the builder at this point: "Yeah, we can do it!"

4. "Three, two, one …"

In my opinion, our society should be much wider. Women shouldn't get strange looks if their armpits or legs are not as smooth as a naked mole rat, because one damn thing, that's work! If you shave, the next stubble beckons after two to four days. If you are a fan of waxing or epilation, you seem to have no pain at all. It's a choice between plague and cholera, and somehow you only start because everyone is doing it. But the right message for our daughters, little sisters and nieces is that you should be satisfied with yourself – with shaved legs or not.

5. "That makes 85 € please."

Tried a new hairdresser recently. However, without first looking at the price list. Had to swallow properly. The price for a woman's haircut for medium-length hair (everything that goes over the ears) starts at an average of € 50. Dry. Without styling products and Schischi. Men are often off the hook with 20 €. Sure, most women have a mane that means more effort, but why don't hairdressers set their prices accordingly, but fundamentally separate men and women? Your hair stands on end!

6. "You look tired today!"

A colleague once greeted me with these warm words when I dared to go outside without make-up. Usually not a problem for me, and I just don't feel comfortable with too much make-up. When I reported to my unsuspecting colleague that I had little motivation for mascara, contouring and powdering in the morning and just left it, he just mumbled, "Oh, well, that's why". Yes, that's why. Girls, nobody's perfect! We women don't have to look peeled from the egg every day, fresh and lively, as if we haven't all been stressed or slept badly. And we certainly don't have to listen to any sayings, whether from colleagues, a friend or anyone else. We are over it.

7. "I think it will take a while here …"

Part 257 of the irrefutable truths: The lines at women's toilets are always – and I always mean – longer than those of our counterpart. Whether at a concert, in a restaurant, at the Christmas market or on the train, there is always someone in front of you. Do we need longer to finish? Are there more urinals in men than toilets in women? Do men not wash their hands and are therefore faster? Who knows … My strategy when queuing takes longer again (and me for real can't wait anymore): just go to the men's toilet. Most of the time you are not the first to come up with the idea anyway, and there is not much else that different. A little tip from me: Call in and give advance warning before you enter the hallowed halls of the men's toilets – this is how you easily avoid unwanted surprises.

Who is it now?

Who is the strong sex now? It would be easy to say that we women have been shown to do more than our dear men. Because we often bring children, jobs, friends and somewhere a book or two into our everyday lives. Of course it's not easy, and of course we deserve recognition for it, and not too little of it! But can the question really be clarified with such simple images of stereotypes of the sexes? It is not. Men also get stuck when their partner's hormonal balance puts a spell on the men’s evening. Or when they work overtime so that you can really indulge yourself again on your next vacation. It is difficult for all of us not to lose track of gender asterisks and quotas for women. Whether at the gynecologist or at work, we all do great things every day. Let's leave the discrimination and eternal questioning and dedicate ourselves to the really beautiful things in life.