Horoscope: 3 signs of the zodiac that cannot be seen in pain

3 signs of the zodiac that cannot be seen in pain

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The horoscope news in the Brigitte ticker: You don't notice the pain of these zodiac signs +++ Three zodiac signs that now feel particularly hopeless +++

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3 February

You don't notice their pain in this zodiac sign

With some people you can tell immediately when they are feeling bad. The following zodiac signs, on the other hand … can sometimes not even show sadness, pain and suffering when they want to.


Taurus looks tough, resilient and extremely resilient on the outside, as if not even the strongest storm could shake their foundations. But at its core, the earth sign is compassionate, sensitive and in some cases very fragile. In really difficult situations, the Taurus usually suffers in silence, withdraws into himself, but hardly anything can be noticed. Anyone who knows him well feels that he is less present and no longer entirely himself, but most people usually go unnoticed by the pain of Taurus.


Libra have an (unconscious) credo: Yes, not to be a burden to anyone, but all the more to be there for others. They literally hide their pain from their fellow human beings, play down their problems, and sometimes run away from them themselves. In order to feel when a Libra is doing badly, you have to be very sensitive – or treat suffering in a similar way as the air sign …


Sagittarius are typically very emotional, sometimes highly sensitive people. The more negative feelings such as anger, sadness and fear worry them, because once they are there, the fire sign quickly loses its hold. With a lot of strength and optimism (and usually very successfully), the Sagittarius therefore spends most of his life on the sunny side if possible – but when suffering and pain strikes once (which they always do at some point …), he is sometimes not once able to classify these feelings, let alone communicate or show them. Sagittarius can appear happy and balanced when in truth they are fighting the toughest internal battles. And so they are mostly alone with their problems, although there are enough people who would like to help them.

February 1st

Three zodiac signs that feel particularly hopeless now

February gives many people new hope and motivation. Only with the following zodiac signs is unfortunately not that much received at the moment …


In fact, Aquarians should celebrate birthdays and pursue their dreams right now. But instead they are stuck at home and have to be careful not to slip on the walk or on the way to the supermarket. Nobody blames you for the fact that this is affecting your mood. At some point, the consolation that you find in yourself and in your own fantasy and dream world is used up. Still, try to keep your eyes on the beautiful things in your life. For example, it is now noticeably longer than it was in December. Spring is sure to come – and this year it is guaranteed to be something very special for all of us.


At the moment, bulls would love to hide and wait for spring. The otherwise pragmatic and positive earth sign just doesn't find any motivation, it lacks balance and distraction in life. To make matters worse, your loved ones are sometimes very irritable and misunderstandings between you can easily occur. No wonder you're in a bad mood. But don't put yourself down for that: It's going uphill again, you just have to hold out a little now.


There is a huge gap between your wishes and demands and reality – and unfortunately not just since yesterday. Slowly but surely the impatience and restlessness are tipping in the direction of resignation and a feeling of powerlessness, a development that is atypical for you and therefore very difficult to classify. It is completely understandable that you are therefore irritated and vulnerable and cannot be as attentive and compassionate to others as usual. The only problem is: Your fellow human beings can only look in front of you, they do not know what is going on inside you. And so it can happen that, in addition to your inner struggle, there is also pressure and stress from outside …