Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs for whom things are going uphill on January 17th

Things are looking up for these 3 zodiac signs in the week of January 17th

Horoscope from January 17th, 2022: Three zodiac signs whirl through the week with extra momentum.


After energy-sapping weeks, Mars is now providing power! Three zodiac signs will particularly benefit from this in the week beginning January 17th.

The first few weeks of January are like chewing gum for some of us – we’re still digesting the last year while the new one already demands our full attention. The new moon at the beginning of the month came at the right time for some zodiac signs to hit the pause button.

Now, however, Mars is getting involved – and we can use that too, because it will bring a healthy dose of energy with it in the week beginning January 17th. All zodiac signs feel them in their own way, but some benefit from them in particular. Especially those who may have had some initial difficulties with the year 2022 are now getting a boost of energy. This provides motivation, but also a deep feeling of confidence: challenges are no longer seen as obstacles, but as a pleasant change. At the same time, the new power offers a huge opportunity to lay the foundation for a successful year – whether in love, at work or in your relationship with yourself.


Things haven’t always been easy for the freedom-loving zodiac sign lately. In line with the upcoming birthday month, however, the cloudy clouds move on, Mars gives Aquarius new energy and releases emotional tension. This is especially beneficial for the partnership: does someone discover their deep relationship vein thanks to solar energy? Singles as well as loved ones can look forward to a little crackle this week, they are completely at peace with themselves and their fellow human beings and are therefore ready to open up.


Geminis now notice exactly which New Year’s resolutions are good for them in the long term – and which ones can be discarded. They have a particularly good connection to their body, listen to it, take a break from sports when they need it and are still wide awake all the time. The bright mood is also well received in interpersonal relationships, professionally it is a good time for negotiations. Why not use the high for the relationship as well? If you are planning a romantic date now, you will also bring back the tingling in long relationships and can only win with it.


Well, a zodiac sign gets to feel what else is in Mars: the planet not only provides creative energy, but also erotic energy. Couples can use the time to get even closer, singles have an incredibly attractive charisma. For Taurus, now is the right time to listen to themselves and to manage their energy well this year: they are particularly receptive to meditation and mindfulness and can thus lay a building block for the whole of the near future, from which they will draw for a long time.


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