Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs that can now rely one hundred percent on their gut feeling

These zodiac signs can now rely on their gut feeling

Horoscope: These zodiac signs should now listen to their inner voice.


The horoscope news in the Brigitte ticker: These zodiac signs can now rely on their gut feeling.

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May 19th: These zodiac signs can now fully rely on their gut feeling

Many people see their gut instincts as a stopgap: if they don’t know something for sure, they have to rely on their intuition for better or worse. Eyes shut and go for it. Our gut feeling is a lot more reliable – and also more reasonable – than most people suspect: It is based on our experiences and all possible information that we have picked up in the course of our lives and for which unfortunately there is no place in our consciousness in the long term. It has more capacity than our reason and can therefore be a great advisor, especially in very complex situations. Of course, our intuition is sometimes wrong – after all, not every new problem can be solved on the basis of known patterns. However, the following zodiac signs do not need to worry about possible intuitive misjudgments: According to the horoscope, you can trust your gut feeling one hundred percent.


Fish generally have a keen sense of what can hardly be grasped with the classic five senses of our perception. And at the moment this feeling is even more reliable than all conscious impressions combined. The premonitions of the watermark are now closer to the truth than its knowledge, its fantasies can just as well be taken as instructions. In no case do fish need to be unsettled by critical inquiries – unless “feels right” they don’t need another reason.


Scales can now feel exactly where they belong and what they are particularly good at. Not being guided by social values ​​and norms is sometimes difficult, but doing so would certainly be the wrong way for the air sign at the moment – especially if intuition dictates a different direction.


Sagittarians can now not only assess their own energy balance very well, but also have an extremely reliable feel for their fellow human beings. Who can i trust Who envies me and wishes me stumble? Who is trying to make me small? Now is a good time for Sagittarius to ask, answer, and learn from these questions. Because if he follows his intuition, it will definitely be the right one.