Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs that should listen to their gut feeling this weekend

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3 zodiac signs that should listen to their gut feeling

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Horoscope: Is there a decision you are still unsure about? If you belong to one of these three zodiac signs, you should listen to your gut feeling especially at the weekend.

Are you unsure what to choose? Do you notice that some people are not doing you so well or particularly well? With such topics, it is always worth listening to your own gut feeling. Unfortunately, we often lose our intuition. But the nice thing is that we can train ourselves to listen more closely to what our guts whisper to us when it comes to big and small decisions. You can find out here which zodiac signs receive additional support from the stars at the weekend.


Capricorns currently prefer to concentrate entirely on themselves and their needs. He gets spiritual support from Uranus and Neptune, who help to develop good intuition and to focus more on the gut feeling, which Capricorn can rely on. And that in all areas of life. Whether it’s love, nutrition, shopping, sports or friendships: Capricorns can currently clearly feel what is good for them. And at the moment it’s mostly me time and time to relax. So when it comes to making decisions at the weekend: Always ask your gut first whether it feels good or bad.


Aries are completely with themselves, feel good, sexy, balanced and self-confident. They also radiate this and also cast a spell over other people with their charisma. But not all of them turn out to be suitable. For singles, the following therefore applies: Enjoy! But when choosing who to give your time to, listen to your intuition, because it clearly shows whether an investment is worthwhile. Couples can also be happy: Venus gives the right impulses to make their relationship special and unique. This weekend, Aries feel exactly what is good for them and builds them up, and there can be a lot of that.


Pisces are currently real children of the sun, feel mentally strengthened, mentally fit and clearly feel what they currently need, what gives them energy and what robs them of it. Pisces should therefore pay particular attention to the impulses that their stomach sends to their brains this weekend. Things that are good for you are at the top of the list. A leisurely walk might be preferable to a strenuous gym workout this weekend. For singles in a dating mood, it is also a good opportunity to get to know the person who might want to sneak into their hearts. The same applies here: your gut feeling knows whether it fits.


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