Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs that the stars have on their side this week

Those are the lucky ones of the week from October 18th to October 24th

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Increasing darkness and cold cloud the mood of some people. You can read here which zodiac signs can be mostly in a good mood according to the horoscope from October 18 to 24.

The last week of the year with a Libra-Sun, half time in the Libra-Moon cycle, Mercury changes to direct rotation – from an astrological point of view, the week from October 18 to 24 will be relatively eventful. But what effect do all these events have on our lives?

As always, it is largely up to us how we react to the impulses of our universe. Some people will see them as opportunities, others as troublemakers, and still others will not. According to astrologer, the transition from Mercury to direct rotation can advance developments and projects that previously seemed to us to be stuck or too difficult. The sun in Libra generally rewards a patient, tolerant, serene attitude: Not being too tense and relaxed about things is more likely to lead to success than ambition and fighting spirit. The full moon on October 20th in the fire sign Aries encourages you to question your own self-image and to break away from beliefs that damage self-worth.

According to the horoscope, the constellations in our universe have a particularly positive effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from October 18th to October 24th


The full moon under the sign of Aries sheds light on your basic attitude towards life and yourself. You may feel attacked quickly during this week, and perceive supposedly harmless expressions as an attack on yourself. Now you have the chance to question yourself and your interpretation. Why do you feel so Who do you think you are What do you think you need to protect? Who do you want to be Asking yourself these and similar questions can now take you a big step further and free you from stressful self-schemata that no longer suit you. For support, Mars invites you to perceive the interest and appreciation that other people show you. To be happy takes courage and openness. If you tidy up and rearrange yourself a little, you will find both in you.


In Cancer, events this week can now trigger past experiences and emotions that are uncomfortable but also offer the chance to grow and develop a deeper form of serenity. It’s about the feeling of being passed over, not seen, not heard, not felt. The more familiar this is to you from your childhood, the more likely it will flare up again this week. But you are more mature and grown up than you were then, you are no longer an egocentric child who expects the world to revolve around you. Therefore you can question what you feel, you can put yourself in the shoes of your loved ones, consider what they are going through, how they see and assess you. You can also communicate and draw attention to yourself. And be there for yourself. You have everything you need to deal with crisis or overwhelming feelings. And this knowledge gives you profound peace and security.


The universe sends the Scorpio a lot of inspiration, impressions and tasks this week. That works for you, you now like to be active, live in the here and now, are anchored in the moment with everything you have. Not rushing anything and asking yourself to ask twice rather than rushing decisions and judgments may be difficult at times, but it will pay off in the next moment. You can especially enjoy this week if you prioritize well and stay true to your priorities. After all, you don’t want to be the driven, but the driving force.

Source used: Brigitte-Zweiwochenhoroskop, mondrausch.com


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