Horoscope: According to the study, these zodiac signs are the most lucky

Who are the stars particularly well-disposed towards, which zodiac signs have a less fortunate lot than others according to the horoscope? Data analysts on the online platform “onlinecasinosdeutschland” investigated this question. To this end, they examined 432 horoscopes from the years 2018 to 2020 for a total of 270 positive and negative keywords, for example “profit” or “harmony” on the one hand and “stress” or “conflict” on the other. They also assigned the keywords to sub-categories such as “love”, “wealth” or “chance luck” (“game”), so that in some cases it is possible to break down in more detail in which areas a zodiac sign is particularly happy and in which it is not.

What was basically noticeable: With all signs of the zodiac the positive terms predominated very clearly, horoscope writers: inside or astrologer: inside seem to be reading mostly positive messages in the stars. Even with the biggest unlucky person among the zodiac signs, the proportion of terms with negative connotations was “only” just under 17 percent.

In our gallery you can find out which zodiac sign is the biggest lucky guy based on this evaluation, which is the smallest and how your zodiac sign compares. But no matter what the horoscope says: In the end, our happiness decides how we feel about the world and life, what decisions we make, what we do and how we feel (with them). The stars can really inspire us and give us input – but what we make of it is always up to us.

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Source used: onlinecasinosdeutschland.com