Horoscope for Monday, October 4, 2021

Aries Horoscope

Your previous partner was everything to you, so much so that you feel lost since leaving. Pick yourself up, your life is far from over and you may have more than one soul mate, so go find the next one! At work, the atmosphere has darkened recently … The files are late, and your collaborators look grim. Take a step back, you need it. Today, no health concerns. The astral aspects will promote the healing of a possible problem. As far as your portfolio is concerned, great budgetary prospects!

Our tip for the day: Instead of fixating on what you can’t change, focus on what is up to you.

Taurus horoscope

In love, you will have to make yourself a reason: the planets are no longer by your side at the moment to maximize your loves and bring you luck. Regarding your work, you will still suffer too much from the daily weight that slows you down in your development. On the health side, you are in great shape and will want to do lots of things: start a new sport, do DIY … When it comes to your finances, you will combine prudence with daring in your financial projects.

Our advice of the day: to avoid falling victim to malicious people, refrain from posting your lifestyle on social networks.

Gemini horoscope

On the sentimental level, material concerns risk blackening a corner of the sky. In the office, don’t steer clear of unexpected changes in your work; on the contrary, it will be a good opportunity for you to improve your situation. When it comes to health, those of you who have suffered from the blues lately will find a taste for life and show boundless optimism. Financially, the situation is starting to improve. You will be able to breathe a little. Indeed, your income gradually increases.

Our tip of the day: don’t count the days, make the days count.

Cancer horoscope

Your previous romantic relationship having been a bit chaotic, you have closed in on yourself and are not giving people who try to open your shell a chance. Give them the benefit of the doubt, not everyone can be like your ex (and luckily). In the office, you may encounter many delays and setbacks in your work. Accept these unfortunate events with resignation, if not with a smile. You will easily catch up later. No major health issue to worry about. What is happening on the money side? A positive release could occur if your goals remain resourceful and moderate.

Our tip of the day: meticulously and gently weave your spider web.

Leo horoscope

In your love life, between concerns and hesitation, you do not move forward! Only, by dint of standing still, you seriously start to exhaust yourself. At work, everything should be fine, but your temperamental temper is likely to take its toll. If you explode, you will ruin all your chances. In terms of form, your health could be described as excellent. From a financial point of view, the stars will offer you remarkable protection this week.

Our tip of the day: note that a small crisis can be a great time to make good resolutions.

Virgo Horoscope

On the heart side, you will remain dissatisfied and will squint at your neighbor’s plate, feeling sorry for your fate. Professionally, the planets will give you problems today. This will not be the time to seek out conflicts or provoke those who are a priori hostile to you. For your health, think about walks in nature, swimming or relaxation sessions … opt for physical activities that circulate energy and at the same time provide you with real well-being. Regarding your money, before the end of the period you will be able to engage in a large-scale financial action.

Our tip of the day: remember that business and emotion don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Libra horoscope

On a sentimental level, many will be seduced by anything that eludes them. Careful on a professional level! A little slackening could occur and lead you to make bad decisions, to make ill-advised choices. On a health level, to keep calm, practice yoga or meditation on a daily basis. On the financial side, the time will also be favorable to make judicious investments and carry out clever transactions.

Our advice of the day: do not be afraid to do everything possible to have your skills recognized and your most important aspirations realized.

Scorpio horoscope

On a sentimental level, how to seduce the man or the woman of your dreams if you cannot overcome your shyness? In the office, the planets are likely to give you disappointments in your work. If you are counting on a promotion or a change of position, you will have to wait in silence, because the atmosphere will be tense and will hardly lend itself to demands from you. In terms of fitness, walk to work or to go shopping: you will surprise yourself! Regarding your wallet, you probably have something else to do today than go through your bank accounts and that’s fine.

Our tip of the day: Avoid the company of those who could waste your precious time on trivial matters.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Heart wise, you’re distracted these days and your partner is worried. Be careful to discuss and things will work out. In the office, even if you are not entirely satisfied with your current professional condition, weigh the pros and cons before deciding to look for another job. On the health side, you are overflowing with vitality; use this excess energy wisely by exercising! On the money side, you will have no trouble balancing your budget, and may even benefit from an unexpected and welcome inflow of money.

Our tip of the day: don’t try to wow others; it would hurt you a lot.

Capricorn Horoscope

On the heart, talk about your concerns with your spouse or partner. In the office, you’ll be working far too haphazardly, jumping from point to point and stumbling over unimportant details, when it’s time to think big and plan for the future. In terms of health, everything is fine: you feel good, and that helps in all areas of your life. Financially, with such an astral setup, silver luck will stick to your soles, almost against your will.

Our advice of the day: no need to push to achieve your goals; Good things come to those who wait for !

Aquarius Horoscope

As far as sentimental life is concerned, it would be better not to make untimely or hasty decisions in love. On the work side, a few unforeseen obstacles will delay the realization of your professional projects and will put your patience to the test. When it comes to health, nothing beats lengths of the pool to burn off your energy while relaxing. When it comes to money, you will be able to deal effectively with your material problems.

Our tip of the day: strive to be more tenacious and ensure control over what you do.

Pisces horoscope

In a relationship or single, you ruminate in your corner, when you should note, one by one, all the satisfactory points, because there are some. Open your eyes ! On the professional level, a painful feeling of helplessness begins to flow. Health wise, it looks like you ate tiger today! Active, dynamic, you will carry out several activities simultaneously, and you will be doing very well. From a financial point of view, a contentious question on family assets will find a happy outcome.

Our tip of the day: take the time to learn more about yourself.

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