Horoscope from August 14th: 3 zodiac signs expect a wonderful week

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From August 14th, the stars are particularly friendly to these zodiac signs

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New moon, continuing the Perseids and strong influences from Leo and Virgo – you can read here which zodiac signs according to the horoscope benefit particularly from the energies of our universe in the third week of August.

From Monday, August 14th, we will move away from the peak of the Perseids, but the meteor shower will still accompany us: The earth will need until August 24th to have left the zone in which debris from comet Swift Tuttle can react with our atmosphere. Until then, looking at the night sky can be worthwhile if you are interested in shooting stars – regardless of that, looking up at the sky is of course always worthwhile.

Our moon reaches its darkest phase on Wednesday new moon, and a new lunar cycle begins for us. Characterized by the energy of Leo, in which the new moon is taking place this time, this cycle offers the opportunity to pursue your own passions more intensely and to dare to tackle heart projects. The moon now transmits courage and life energy directly from the lion to us.

The Sun and Venus also continue to provide us with Leo energy, while Mercury speaks to us from Virgo as in the past few weeks. An exciting combination, since our thinking and feeling are now shaped by very different directions – which, however, can work together and be positive.

The following zodiac signs benefit from the current conditions according to the horoscope.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs have the best third week of August


Tauruses are finding it easier than usual this week to say no, set boundaries, and be uncomfortable—and surprisingly, it not only feels good for themselves, but for those around them as well. Those around you appreciate your honesty and can handle your clear and direct statements very well. Maybe a lesson for your future? In any case, you now realize: You don’t have to bend over backwards to be accepted and respected.


Geminis can free themselves from everything that burdens and weighs them down this week. You feel that it’s not the time for you to ponder problems and face conflicts – and then that’s how it is, after all they don’t run away from you. As long as you can and do enjoy the carefree days, you’ll feel more ready to tackle the more strenuous issues of life afterwards.


Sagittarians are feeling particularly fun-loving and energetic this week: you have tons of ideas, you’re interested in almost everything, and you don’t even know what to do first. Your only challenge will be making choices and not being able to take in and do everything at once. As long as you don’t shy away from this challenge and retreat into your routine, the next few days will be a lavish party for you.

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