Horoscope from May 23, 2022: 3 zodiac signs who are having the best week now

These are the lucky winners of the week, May 23-29

Leave the comfort zone and gain new experiences: In the video you can see which zodiac sign can do this really well.


Harmonious influences bring us a largely relaxed and pleasant week from May 23rd to 29th. You can read here which zodiac signs according to the horoscope feel particularly positive energies.

After Mercury’s apparent reversal into retrograde motion and the total lunar eclipse on the blissful or flower moon, it will be a little quieter again in our universe in the week from May 23rd to 29th. But also just a little calmer. Because in the coming days, three planets will change their zodiac sign at the same time, and that can temporarily confuse and stir up the existing energetic conditions.

Mercury is actually the beginning of this zodiac change. On Monday, May 23rd, the communications planet will transition into the earth sign Taurus. The influence of Taurus on Mercury can possibly mean that we now act more prudently and at the same time more pragmatically and more directly in social interaction than was the case under the Aries-Mercury of the past few weeks. Loyalty and reliability are gaining importance in our perception, unpredictable, very impulsive people are now rather unsympathetic to us.

A day later, on May 24th, the planet Mars arrives in fire sign Aries. At best, it can bring a boost of confidence for some people, and Aries-Mars could also ignite our desires and passions.

At the end of the week, on May 28th, the third planetary change of these days is due: Venus will then move into the zodiac sign Taurus. This transition can also be accompanied by a shift in our assessment of loyalty and honesty, especially in close relationships, trust and honesty are now one of our top priorities.

According to the horoscope, the planetary movements and the other constellations of the stars between May 23rd and 29th have a particularly favorable effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: These are the lucky ones of the week from May 23rd to May 29th


Capricorns experience a real creativity boost this week. You are filled with inspiration and have no trouble making something out of it and bringing something out. The best thing about it is that in your creative process, the focus is now on the path and you don’t feel like you have to set goals and targets. You love and enjoy what you do and that’s enough.


Tauruses have a remarkably likeable charisma and positive effect on other people this week. In your presence, those around you feel safe and relaxed, your balanced nature also allows people around you to find peace. It’s no wonder that you can particularly enjoy being with others and get involved with new, exciting acquaintances.


Libras can go above and beyond this week. You feel a natural, pleasurable need for variety and to leave your comfort zone. This takes you beyond your limits and gives you completely new experiences that enable you to develop personally. The particularly nice thing about it is that your adventures not only let you grow – but are also fun.

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