Horoscope from May 2nd, 2022: 3 zodiac signs expect a fabulous first week of May

These zodiac signs are having a fabulous week starting May 2nd

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After the solar eclipse on April 30th, a little more calm will return to our galaxy in the new month. You can read here which zodiac signs according to the horoscope can expect a particularly nice first week of May.

The past few weeks have been somewhat turbulent from an astrological point of view: First there was the Lyrids, which affected us in the second half of April when we (with Earth) flew through the dust cloud from Comet Thatcher. And just after we left the shower of shooting stars behind us, the moon crossed the earth’s orbit around the sun on new moon and gave us a solar eclipse. It’s high time we took a deep breath and let the recent suggestions settle and process them.

In fact, the universe is granting us a little respite for the next few days. The stars follow their course without any remarkable constellations occurring. The Moon is slowly waxing, passing through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, Venus moving into Aries, and Pluto stabilizing in its Capricorn retrograde phase, which it began on April 29th.

The prevailing energies in the week from May 2nd to 8th have a particularly positive effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs have a fabulous week from May 2nd to 8th


Aquarians have had a lot to process and sort out lately. Now the first positive effects of these sometimes very upsetting processes are slowly becoming apparent: you feel free, strong and relaxed, you have an amazing sovereignty and composure, as if nothing could upset or shake you. Great conditions to really enjoy your life now – ups and downs.


Virgos encourage the stars to free themselves from the shackles or duties of everyday life and to do something extraordinary – for example a spontaneous trip to the sea or in the mountains, a boozy evening with your dearest friends or a hot night with you the sweetheart. Even if it’s just something small, the action will energize you and give you a nice sense of independence and control. You determine your life and are not a machine that only works.


Libras are feeling encouraged and confident this week. The realization that you don’t need to pretend to please other people has settled in you and has meanwhile come so far emotionally that you can act accordingly. This frees and relieves you, makes you appear more authentic and approachable – and takes you an important step further in your relationships.

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