Horoscope from October 1st, 2021: 3 zodiac signs will meet their past in October

In October, these zodiac signs catch up with their past

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Cosmic tensions between Mercury and Pluto make supposedly closed topics important again in October. You can read here which zodiac signs can prepare themselves for an encounter with their past.

Our past is always present in us. It plays a role in every one of our decisions, in every one of our judgments. It influences our feelings, triggers emotions, some of which have nothing to do with the present except memories that follow us silently and secretly at every turn.

Sometimes, however, our past emerges from the shadows into the light. Sometimes she changes from the role of the silent companion to that of a: r mentor: in, a warning, admonishing, rescuing, pointing the way or resentful. Sometimes she asks us to deal with her before she lets us look ahead and into the present with a clear gaze.

In October, tensions between Mercury and Pluto mean that much of what we would have assigned to the past determines our present. According to the horoscope, the following zodiac signs will have a lot to do with your past this month.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs will be haunted by their past in October


Jupiter and Neptune offer Taurus many opportunities in October. But in order to seize them, the earth sign has to break through one of its deeply rooted patterns: To withdraw into itself when the outside arouses fear in it, and there for security and stability Looking for. Curiosity and the joy of experimentation are not traits of the Taurus, but they are an advantage in its current phase of life and even the prerequisite for getting to know a new facet of happiness. The task that his past now confronts Taurus is: to find out where this fear of trying something comes from and to realize that it is out of date. Because meanwhile you are strong enough to endure the consequences of your actions. Positive as well as negative.


Cancers capture the cosmic influences, especially Mercury and Pluto, with full force in October. In the watermark, several wounds are now beginning to hurt again, and internal conflicts are beginning to smolder again, which it had long thought to be healed or resolved. You are very sensitive when other people don’t treat you the way you would like them to. You feel misunderstood, lonely, unloved – you know exactly that your perception and interpretation of reality do not match reality. In the end will you loved and are not alone. What triggers your feelings is your past, where you have lacked participation and compassion at crucial moments. And now you have to work through it, as far as it is possible for you. With a lot of patience, (self) love and courage.


Libra can boost their self-confidence – especially their trust in their intuition – to a decisive extent this month. To do this, however, it is necessary to track down and understand uncertainties that have been sown in the past. Fortunately, the cosmos helps you by placing you in situations that bring back memories of what triggered your (self) confidence problems. Certainly it will be painful to face these retrospectives and moments from your past. But you can then build something that gives you lasting strength and strengthens your decision-making ability and determination in the long term.

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