Horoscope from October 25th, 2021: 3 zodiac signs now have the best week

Horoscope from October 25th, 2021
3 zodiac signs that have the best week from October 25th

Horoscope from October 25th, 2021: Even in bad weather, three zodiac signs now have a streak of luck ahead of them


Energy, self-confidence and lots and lots of love: three zodiac signs can meet from October 25th. be especially lucky for a week.

The last week of October is extremely eventful for all zodiac signs – and in a positive sense. Many long-suppressed points are now revealed with unmistakable clarity, but that is not a bad thing. On the contrary: many changes that have now been initiated have extremely positive consequences for everyone involved. Above all, three zodiac signs are particularly lucky not only in this point this week.

Horoscope from October 25th, 2021: These zodiac signs have the best week

Above all, it is Venus that now favors these zodiac signs so extremely and puts the week for them all under the sign of love. Regardless of whether it is a long relationship or an unexpected, hot flirt: For her, the main thing on the program now is palpitations and great feelings, which you can enjoy with all your senses. Trust us: autumn will be hotter than expected, whatever the weather!

Source used: Brigitte two-week horoscope


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