Horoscope from October 4th, 2021: These 3 zodiac signs have the best week

Those are the lucky ones of the week from October 4th to 10th

Horoscope from October 4th, 2021: No matter what comes – three zodiac signs enjoy this week to the fullest.


The week from October 4th to 10th is characterized by cosmic tensions, some of which can stir us violently and affect us. You can read here which zodiac signs can look forward to the week.

From a cosmic point of view, golden October begins gloomy. Well, it won’t be that bad, but there have been weeks when the astrological predictions sounded more positive and encouraging. One of the reasons for the cautious optimism are tensions between Pluto and the currently retrograde Mercury, which bring topics that were believed to be closed back into the light of the present. And that can slow us down and disturb us pretty nasty. After all, the forecasts are not dark for all zodiac signs (and even with dark forecasts we can individually have a nice week, so don’t worry). The following lucky ones are promised by the horoscope for the week from October 4th to October 10th some nice moments and highlights.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from October 4th to 10th


This week, the stars suggest that Capricorns recognize the value of doing nothing and not claim to spend every moment doing something useful. Laziness is in our nature and is part of the human secret of success. Getting to your destination with minimal effort is smart, and our brains work wonderfully with this principle. In addition, boredom promotes creativity. So: like to relax and allow yourself some rest. Professionally, things are going well this week, thanks to Mars and Mercury. Your strengths come to the fore and are rewarded.


For Aquarians, this week is a good time to think about a new direction and wonder what could really inspire them. Above all, Venus is now a reminder of how important it is that we associate meaning and meaning with what we do. Only when we fill our time with something we can find value in do we feel happy and motivated. Fortunately, you have numerous opportunities and freedoms to shape your life and, if necessary, to change it, and see them very clearly. And when you finally come to the conclusion and feel that everything is as it should be – so much the better.


Under the influence of Saturn, Taurus has a large number of challenges to overcome this week. However, Ceres strengthens your self-esteem and self-confidence so that everything seems much easier and less than what others would rate it. Above all, your ability to reflect on yourself in stressful moments, to allow yourself rest and enjoyment, will help you to keep your energy reserves at a stable level. Relaxation inspires your creativity. The best way to solve problems now is not to brood about them, but to sleep over them or do something good for yourself. Venus gives you an encounter with an interesting, open-hearted person.

Source used: Brigitte two-week horoscope


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