Horoscope: Ox year 2021 – 5 facts about the zodiac sign

Ox year 2021: 5 facts about the Chinese zodiac sign

The Ox is the second Chinese zodiac sign

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We are waiting with joy for the Ox, because this zodiac sign is the year 2021. And that has a lot to offer …

Take courage! The year 2021 is all about the Ox. And we can really be happy about that. The buffalo takes over on February 12, replacing the rat. According to the Chinese horoscope everything will be better then!

Similar to the European zodiac signs, the Chinese zodiac signs also have their own meaning. What characteristics are assigned to the buffalo? We'll reveal it!

5 facts about the buffalo


The Ox is calm and patient. Undeterred and unimpressed, he pursues his goals that have been recognized as right. He is gentle with his fellow human beings, and as a good listener he is happy to provide advice and assistance. The buffalo can't stand a hectic pace, he prefers to go his way carefully. There is no other Chinese zodiac sign that can work as hard as the Ox. The powerful superiority with which he appears makes him a dangerous opponent. Its reliability, straightness and correctness make the buffalo a guarantor of order and stability.


Safety is important to the Ox, as much for himself as for his loved ones. As soon as he sees it threatened, a buffalo can develop great courage. Oxen love their family just as much as the chosen few, who take them all the more to their hearts.


Quiet togetherness, tenderness and pampering programs – that's all this Chinese zodiac needs to be happy. The real needs of the Ox correspond to romantic love and deep friendship. Thanks to his patience, he will make the most of a less ideal relationship.


The positive qualities of the Ox make it an ideal money manager. He will preserve his wealth for the long term and slowly accumulate it. Debt stresses the Ox, he will do everything possible to get rid of it as soon as possible. The buffalo does not need spontaneous purchases. He looks after his household budget and saves his money for important purchases.


Buffalo are prone to colds, runny nose, and asthma every now and then. Otherwise they are in good health. They eat consciously, chew thoroughly and therefore rarely have stomach and digestive problems.

Source used: Julia Corte: "The great book of horoscopes"