Horoscope: The full moon on January 28th gives wings to these zodiac signs

The wolf moon will give wings to these zodiac signs on January 28th

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The first full moon of the year is on Thursday, January 28th. You can find out here which zodiac sign the wolf moon brings particularly good luck according to the horoscope.

At the end of the month, as always, a ray of light awaits us all in the truest sense of the word: On Thursday, January 28th, there is finally a full moon again. On the first full moon of this year, our satellite is in the zodiac sign Leo. The Algonquians, indigenous people of Canada, affectionately called the January full moon "wolf moon", as wolves approached their settlements in search of food.

In Europe, on the other hand, names like "Hartmond" and "Eismond" have established themselves for the second winter full moon. Apparently the frosty ground made a stronger impression here. We will now reveal which zodiac signs the effect of this wolf moon, hard moon or whatever you like to call it can be felt particularly positively.

Horoscope: The full moon on January 28th gives wings to these zodiac signs


Aquarians are currently celebrating their birthdays – and the full moon seems to want to send them its warmest congratulations. Despite the uncertainties on the outside, you will now find a deep confidence and unshakable balance in yourself. Even if they cannot be put into practice now, there is something comforting, encouraging and invigorating about your dreams, plans and longings. As a good friend, you are now learning to appreciate the transience that you have cursed many times in beautiful moments. But you don't just let the time pass by waiting: You find out a lot about yourself and gain clarity about what is important to you and in which projects you want to invest energy now and in the future. Small spoiler: that is exactly what is required for them to make you happy.


In Cancer, it is fundamentally difficult to predict how a full moon will affect it. Sometimes he plunges the watermark into absolute emotional chaos, sometimes he arranges his soul life by bringing certain feelings to the fore and weakening others. At the Wolf Moon it looks like the latter is the case. First of all, you feel that you are in good hands and connected to those around you. Whether fear, pain, joy over little things or real satisfaction – the fact that you can share with your loved ones what is going on in you and they understand you now seems like the greatest treasure to you. Like a miracle weapon with which you can defeat all opponents on your life path. Even if it is only a small group of people that you can embrace now and you only communicate with some of them remotely: Seldom has the fact that you are not alone been as conscious and present as it is now.


For the Leo, the full moon in its sign means three things above all: passion, lust for life, motivation. You now feel your feelings extremely strongly and luckily you are not afraid of giving yourself to them – after all, they are what make you who are you and will significantly advance you on your personal path. You are determined to make the best of the given circumstances and to try out new things and gain experience within the scope of your possibilities. No wonder that stimulates your creativity too. With a little luck (and maybe a little bit of sense) you will come up with an idea that can steer your future path in a positive direction.