Horoscope: The full moon on September 2nd gives wings to these zodiac signs

New month, new full moon! You can find out here which zodiac sign the September full moon provides a lot of energy and positive vibes.

At last! In the night of Wednesday, September 2nd, there is a full moon again. For some this means a series of sleepless nights and mood swings, for others an energy boost and deeply felt love (for life, partner, friends …). We will now reveal which zodiac sign the September full moon in Pisces, according to the horoscope, above all gives strength and joie de vivre.

Horoscope: The full moon on September 2nd gives wings to these zodiac signs


Pisces encourages the upcoming full moon to dream and indulge in memories – and you will come up with the most brilliant ideas! In your imagination, you block out trivialities and distractions and see clearly what is really important. Where else you see obstacles, you will now find ways, what otherwise burdens you, you now find inspiring. You are full of confidence and optimism and thus also give people around you an extra helping of strength. Don't let incidents (or reality) throw you off your track: Your dreams show you the way – and the right one.


The full moon awakens the spirit of enterprise and joie de vivre in you. Whether it's an evening with friends, a day trip to the nearest big city, an excursion into nature or working out while doing sports, you will now feel a deep gratitude and satisfaction in everything you do. Even if everything is not going smoothly for you and you currently have worries on your cheek that are burdening you, you feel satisfied and enjoy all the opportunities that life offers you every day.


The full moon in September gives Sagittarians a top-class energy boost! You feel fit, free and balanced, stress and worries just bounce off you now. Your ambitions are limited and your ultimate goal is to be happy and enjoy life – paradoxically an excellent attitude to achieve top performance. You don't have to strain or struggle to function: taking care of yourself and taking things with humor, rather than being overly serious, is far more effective (and sustainable) in your case. Perhaps you can even internalize this insight now and keep your current lightness in the long term – then the September full moon would have been really worth it for you

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