Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs make 2022 their year

These 3 zodiac signs grow beyond themselves in the new year

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The new year is just around the corner and three zodiac signs can be especially happy. Because they are brave and will surpass themselves in 2022.

2022 will be a good year, we can be sure of that. Because happiness planet Jupiter is the focus and provides all zodiac signs with unforgettable moments of happiness over the twelve months. According to Brigitte astrologer, it says: “Jupiter gives you unshakable love for life and the trust that everything will make sense” – even in wild times. However, happiness does not stop there.

The largest planet in our solar system is also known for distributing positivity and self-confidence. Which often means that success is not far away. That sounds like the best prerequisites for being brave in the New Year, breaking out of your comfort zone and daring something. In particular, three zodiac signs make use of the extremely favorable planetary constellation and grow beyond themselves in the new year.

Horoscope: These three zodiac signs will surpass themselves in 2022


As an Aquarius, you are predestined to think ahead. Quite fitting that 2022 is all about inner growth and that you too will surpass yourself in some areas of life. Usually, Aquarians are free spirits who love their freedoms and who quickly find themselves constricted. This year you will learn to balance closeness and distance, which will allow interpersonal relationships to flourish. Even in love it becomes noticeable that you are more approachable. The summer months in particular promise to be romantic and let you shine seductively. Aquarians can look forward to an exciting New Year.


People born in the zodiac sign Taurus are habitual people who love their routines. Doing something is usually not on your to-do list every day. In the new year, however, it looks different. You overcome your persistence even before it can swing into immobility and face your fears. One question will be with you in 2022: Will what I do really satisfy me or will I just endure it because I’m afraid of changes? This question can be applied to the job, partnership and many other areas. Dare to say no and express your deepest needs. As early as January, while Venus is retrograde, you will be rewarded for it.


As a Virgo, you are naturally ambitious and always pursue your goals with verve and the necessary confidence. Nevertheless, you are often underestimated by outsiders and dismissed as fussy or petty. Of course, this also tarnishes your own self-image. But: don’t be too modest and critical of yourself. In the new year the tide turns: the hard work is finally paying off and you will be rewarded for your hard work. You can only ask others to do the same if you believe in yourself. So put on one or the other shiny appearance to be seen. It will pay off in both job and love.

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