Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs suffer from the super moon on April 27th

These zodiac signs suffer from the super moon on April 27th

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On Tuesday morning, April 27th, there is a full moon. But not just any – this month we are dealing with a super moon. Here you can find out what this means and which zodiac signs have to suffer under its influence according to the horoscope.

Moon-sensitive people should already feel it: Tuesday, April 27th, will be full moon again. In the morning, around half past six, our satellite is from our point of view (i.e. from the earth) exactly opposite the sun, so that we can fully see its illuminated side. The zodiac sign the moon is in at this point in time is Scorpio. In this country, the full moon in April is traditionally called Easter moon because it falls during Easter. The Algonquin, North American natives, christened it “Pink Moon” in honor of the pink flame flowers that bloomed in their homeland at this time of the year.

What makes this year’s Easter moon a “super moon”?

So far so interesting. But the April full moon has another exciting feature this year: It appears to be significantly larger than in other months, because the moon is now much closer to the earth than usual. The distance between the moon and earth at the full moon phase on Tuesday is only around 357,400 kilometers, which is around 30,000 kilometers less than the average. The reason for the different distances is that the moon’s orbit around the earth is elliptical, not circular. If our satellite comes particularly close to us during the full moon and therefore appears particularly large to us, this phenomenon is commonly called “super moon”. Sometimes this can have a stronger effect on our psyche and our body than an ordinary full moon. And so, according to the horoscope, this year’s super moon in April actually makes the following zodiac sign difficult to create …

Horoscope: These zodiac signs suffer from the super moon on April 27th


In fish, the super moon brings back painful memories. Your past just won’t let you go, you can’t find peace and feel sometimes driven, sometimes as if trapped. Even spoken words and gestures that are dearly meant can now hurt you deeply. You react unusually sensitive and irritated to your fellow human beings and this is what annoys you most of all. At the risk that you will also take this advice as an attack: Try these days to be indulgent to yourself and to others and to deal with the proverbial yourself Packing cotton wool. Peace and quiet are the best ways to help you through this phase.


Gemini feel unusually agitated in the wake of the supermoon and have great difficulty concentrating. You are worried about the unconscious without you being able to understand or explain it. Of course, this annoys you, because you usually have your emotions under control and are great at absorbing and coping with low moods. Only this time you simply fail to shake off this heaviness and indefinable dissatisfaction that persistently haunts you. Perhaps the Universe’s recommendation is to go on confrontation for a change instead of trying to stand over it? But maybe even after the supermoon everything will be palette again. Let’s just hope that it stays that way – after all, the next super moon is coming up in May …


Nightmares, sleepless nights, physical lack of energy – according to the horoscope, Sagittarius is actually not that good for the super moon. You feel unbalanced and somehow not taken care of or arrived where you are right now. You’d like to break out and take a break from the here and now. But unfortunately it is not that easy and it torments you very much. It may help to go inside yourself and ask yourself whether you have basic needs or potentials that your current life situation does not meet. Or you just wait a few days and see if your condition improves again. After all, a temporary low to the super moon is not always a reason to panic and turn your life around.

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