Horoscope: These are the lucky guys of the week from July 6th to 12th

New week new luck? If you can believe the horoscope from July 6th to 12th, it definitely applies to three zodiac signs!

Waning moon, sun in cancer – and in many places the summer vacation is already underway. Here and now we reveal which zodiac signs the universe is particularly fond of in the week from July 6th to 12th.

Horoscope: These are the lucky guys of the week from July 6th to 12th


Twins have a magnetic sex appeal right now – especially the singles among them! Thanks to Venus, nobody can resist them. But couples can also expect a hot week with lots of fun and variety in bed (apropos: which helpers make sex a real adventure, you can find out here). In the job, Venus pushes you with inspiration and creative ideas. You are in a good mood and extremely motivated. Teamwork runs by itself and your colleagues are happy to support you – it couldn't be better! Venus also sends positive vibes to your health and lets you shine. Wellness now brings a lot and you can relax faster than usual. But the active side is also not neglected: Mars promotes your already great flexibility and provides an energy boost. As you can see, everything is just right for you this week!


Sun and Mercury are in your sign, that strengthens your confidence and lets you appear confident. Singles are open to new contacts and at the same time enjoy their independence. Lies, on the other hand, feel they have arrived in their relationship and it is extremely easy for them to be loyal. While your emotions are in balance, your mind is wide awake. You quickly grasp the essentials and do your tasks with links. Networking and communication are also excellent. Good organization can help you avoid unnecessary stress this week and ride the wave of success undisturbed. Another highlight of your week: You feel more intensely than ever that you can rely on your intuition. Sun and Mercury strengthen you mentally and let you master everyday life perfectly. You're not that motivated at the moment, but that's completely okay! You'll still work up a sweat … (by the way, here you can find out which factors depend on how often a couple has sex)


You are currently one of the lucky children in love! Singles are interested in someone who would fit them perfectly. Lies are cuddly, understanding and enjoy the extra attention that their partner is showing them. Together they feel strong and strengthen the relationship. Just beautiful! It works just as well for you in the job: you are confident and act competent and convincing to others. Financially there is a good phase ahead for you. You are also creative and totally motivated for new things. An opportunity to take a decisive step forward. And to top it all off: Your fitness is good and is only exceeded by your mood. Venus gives you charisma and Mars rounds the whole thing off with a plus of energy. You feel comfortable in your skin, you are motivated and have fun with everything you do.

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