Horoscope: These zodiac signs are currently surrounded by a magical aura

These zodiac signs are currently surrounded by a magical aura

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Sometimes we shine – and sometimes the others. You can read here which zodiac signs currently have a particularly stunning charisma according to the horoscope.

Our charisma or our aura reflects what is going on inside us. How we feel, how we are adjusted to the world and how we perceive our life Since all of this is changing, it is hardly surprising that our charisma is also subject to fluctuations and that we do not always shine in the same way. According to the horoscope, the following zodiac signs are currently surrounded by a particularly pleasant and enchanting aura.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs are now surrounded by a magical aura


Pisces are now energetic and passionate under Neptune’s influence, they approach things very courageously and decisively. That impresses many people and conveys confidence and courage. Since the watermark is careful and empathetic in everything it does, nobody feels pressured or stressed by it, but is simply given a pleasant boost.


Twins now experience a self-confidence boost, which has a very positive effect on their charisma. The air sign is currently discovering aspects of itself that it has previously paid less attention to (for example creativity and feeling), but which it definitely likes. And other people seem to like them too.


Thanks to the influence of Mercury in particular, Lions can now present themselves extremely well and appear equally authentic and convincing to other people. The Fire Sign feels particularly strongly right now, which is essential – and that essentially a lot more than is okay. That is why it can hardly be disturbed by external appearances. Other people feel this too and find it extremely pleasant.


Libra currently feel particularly free and self-determined. There is hardly anything in them that quarrels, looks back or dissatisfied. The air sign now looks ahead and sees a multitude of possibilities in front of it, between which it only has to decide. This attitude greatly affects her charisma, which now primarily radiates peace and gratitude.