Horoscope: These zodiac signs are fired by the full moon on October 20th

These zodiac signs will be fired by the Hunter’s Moon on October 20th

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On Wednesday, October 20th, there is a full moon. You can read here which zodiac signs the so-called Hunter’s Moon has particularly intense effects.

The current lunar cycle reaches its climax with the full moon on October 20, after it began with the Libra new moon on October 6. The calculated climax of this full moon phase is on Wednesday at 4:57 p.m., but to the naked eye the celestial body appears to us like a circular disk in the nights from Tuesday to Wednesday and from Wednesday to Thursday.

In this phase the moon moves upwards and for that reason alone has an invigorating power. But that’s not the only thing that makes this full moon a bundle of energy: Our Trabant is located on Wednesday in the zodiac sign Aries, an agglomeration of passion, drive and fire. In his position he is in an activating tension to Pluto, the planet of rebirth, new beginnings and change. For us, this means: courageous decisions, rejecting burdensome, foreign beliefs, intuitive, sometimes impulsive action are possible or likely in this full moon phase.

Attention: Since the full moon occurs very shortly after the change from Mercury to direct rotation (on October 18th) and since Mars moves into a field of tension with Pluto, there is now an increased potential for conflict in interpersonal relationships. Because if several people think they have to be behind the wheel, arguments can hardly be avoided.

According to the horoscope, the October full moon has a particularly positive and strengthening effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: The October full moon has a particularly positive effect on these zodiac signs


Aries get an extra boost of energy from the full moon in their sign, which they can use to get a big step closer to their personal goals. You may have to get rid of the obstructive baggage that you have been dragging around with you for a long time – it may be about your self-image or the role in which you see yourself in relationships. It may be painful and uncomfortable, but in the long run this argument will pay off. The full moon can help you with this task.


The full moon encourages Scorpios to change their everyday life and replace one or the other destructive habit with new, healthier rituals. Basically a sensible thought and a positive impulse, but don’t take on too much at once and don’t expect super-quick success – something that has built up over the years cannot be renovated overnight. Establishing new routines takes time, patience and perseverance. But that doesn’t have to stop you from doing it.


Sagittarius feel encouraged by the full moon to share openly and unfiltered what concerns, moves and touches them. You are now honest, authentic and self-confident, expressing your ideas and points of view without fear or concern. On the one hand, this is liberating for you and therefore feels good. On the other hand, you will experience a predominantly positive response from your fellow human beings, not necessarily just approval, but general feedback that you experience as enriching and stimulating.

Full moon in October: Hunter’s moon, blood moon, wine moon

In the northern hemisphere, October is the bridge between autumn and winter. For the Algonquin, an indigenous people of Canada, it was traditionally the month in which it was necessary to stock up as many supplies as possible for the winter, and in which it was worthwhile and productive to go hunting again before nature was in their hibernation goes. For this reason, the October full moon in North American latitudes still bears the name today Hunter’s Moon (Hunter’s Moon), whereby also Blood Moon (Blood Moon) is common – after all, blood flows with every (successful) hunt.

In the Germanic language area the name Wine moon enforced, since the grape harvest traditionally takes place in October in this country. As with most moon names, we see here again that in Central Europe agriculture obviously had a very great importance for people’s lives, whereas in America the processes in nature and the environment played a more formative role.

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