Horoscope: These zodiac signs have the best weekend from February 26th to 28th

The horoscope news in Brigitte ticker: These zodiac signs have the most beautiful weekend from February 26th to 28th +++ These zodiac signs are inspired by the change of Venus to Pisces on February 25th +++ These zodiac signs should be especially open in the last week of February take care of yourself +++

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February 26th

These zodiac signs have the best weekend from February 26th to 28th

Spring pauses again after its brief guest appearance in the middle of winter, but the prospects for this last weekend in February are still really nice for most of us – we definitely get relaxation and the opportunity to take a deep breath. The following three zodiac signs in particular experience the weekend from February 26th to 28th as an energy injection.


Your self-confidence is getting a real push this weekend. Suddenly obstacles seem much smaller and easier to overcome, your fear of failure suddenly fades into the background. It goes without saying that that motivates you and that you would like to do everything at once. But your earth signs, typical reason, prevent you from getting bogged down: you prioritize sensibly, do one thing after the other, divide up your strength well and take time to relax, especially on the weekend. Clever!


Aquarians now simply have an unshakable positive mood. On the one hand you see the world realistically, on the other hand you look at it very lovingly and gratefully. So your expectations are not too high and you can appreciate the little things in everyday life. Company is good for you this weekend, and there's nothing wrong with keeping time free to dream. It is better to plan only a few things that you are really looking forward to instead of packing your days until nothing more fits. Your body and mind are in desperate need of rest.


The Leo gets such an energy boost at the weekend that his fellow human beings could almost be careful. Whoever stands in your way now will be mercilessly knocked over. Fortunately, you infect people who are close to you with your thirst for action and your zest for life, so collisions are relatively unlikely – as long as you spend your time with people who love you. And if there is a clash of interests, maybe an opportunity to rethink who should really be at the top of your priority list. Maybe!

February 24th

The change of Venus on February 25th will give wings to these zodiac signs

On Thursday, February 25th, the planet of love and emotions will change to Pisces in the early afternoon. This is particularly good news for the following zodiac signs: It inspires both the change itself and the subsequent stay of Venus in the water sign Pisces.


Sun and Venus in the zodiac sign Pisces – these are the best prerequisites for the watermark to really celebrate and enjoy yourself and your life. You can now look forward to "small" successes and progress and that gives you strength and motivation to also dare bigger jumps. Just make sure that you don't get carried away by this toxic pull of "higher, faster, further", but rather remain receptive to everyday happiness. Then your Venus Pisces season can really only be beautiful.


Aries experience a great deal of emotional validation and understanding during Pisces-Venus. This gives them self-confidence and the courage to stand up for themselves and their ideas. If you are now convinced of your path, you will not let anything or anyone deter you and you will find a solution for every obstacle or problem. The energy that you radiate and display now has an almost intimidating effect on some people. So don't be surprised if one or the other keeps your distance – they probably just can't keep up with your pace.


Is it Pisces Venus, the weekend or the beginning of spring? You don't know for sure, but in any case the Sagittarius gets a push of joie de vivre and energy that finally gives him the feeling of being himself again. You feel free and invest your energy and time more intensely in your dreams and desires – whereby you still do your duties more than well even with less commitment. Even if something goes wrong or becomes more difficult than expected, you react confidently and constructively instead of getting upset and wasting your energy on anger and despair. A sensible strategy that you may be able to stick to permanently from now on.

February 22

These zodiac signs should take special care of themselves from February 22nd to 28th

In the last week of February, spring fever, hope and the feeling that you have managed the hardest time of the year dominate. And of course nobody has anything against that. However, in this mood, the following zodiac signs in particular now tend to overdo themselves a little under certain circumstances – so the stars in particular now advise them to be a little more mindful.

3 signs of the zodiac, which from February 22 Have to take care of yourself


Sleep from 0 to 100 all at once? That is what the Taurus would like best now. After the earth sign had adjusted and shut down its activities in winter like most people, it has been trying to give full throttle again since the snow melted – and directly to tie in with last summer. It is doubtful, however, that body and soul simply participate. Even if you would now like to catch up on what you think you have missed in the last few months: Allow yourself enough rest in between and take a deep breath every now and then. Otherwise you could face a forced break when life around you is in full swing.


The prospect of spring brought Libra through the winter, especially in January it gave the air sign a lot of strength – now it is important to convert this anticipation into a "joy about" and not to fail because of your own (too) high expectations. Yes, winter is almost over (in March and April there will certainly still be one or the other break-in …), but all other worries do not melt with the snow and seep into the ground or sewer system. Enjoy the awakening nature, the rising temperatures and the longer hours of sunshine as much as you like. But don't expect your life to be completely different now. Otherwise your disappointment will only cloud your joy over all the nice little things in the end.


Scorpios are currently feeling a great deal of power within themselves and would like to use it for the benefit of all of humanity. You are now trying to develop everyone in your environment and you are there for everyone else – but that harbors a high potential for frustration, because you simply cannot get close to some people. Even if you feel that it is not necessary, you should now think about yourself and take care of your own well-being, apart from focusing on those who are really close to you and who are dear to you. Otherwise there is a risk that you will lose yourself – and in the end no one will win anything.