Horoscope: These zodiac signs have the best weekend from March 5th to 7th

The horoscope news in the Brigitte ticker: These zodiac signs have the best weekend from March 5th to 7th +++ These zodiac signs don't know what's in them +++ These zodiac signs are exploited by others +++

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5. March

These zodiac signs have the best weekend from March 5th to 7th

Last weekend! The following three zodiac signs in particular can really enjoy the next three days.


Taurus has an extremely high amount of physical and mental energy this weekend. Do you feel like doing something productive – maybe getting your bike fit for spring? Or muck out on a large scale? Chilling all day and doing nothing is definitely not enough for you. The best way to relax now is to be constructive.


The weekend offers the lion exactly what he needs now: variety! Admittedly, it is associated with challenges and arguments cannot be ruled out, but you don't care – everything that gets you out of your daily routine and offers you new impulses is welcome now. Maybe it would be good for you to go on a little trip too ?! Just drive to a lake for an hour or generally into nature and see something other than your own four walls and the supermarket where you go shopping every Saturday …?


Sagittarius are currently at peace with themselves and feel balanced and relaxed. At the weekend they are fully in their element: free and self-determined. You now feel a deep zest for life and gratitude, confidence and optimism inspire you to forge plans and develop ideas that inspire and motivate you. If it were up to you, the weekend could be a day or two longer, but you can do a lot with your time now.

3 March

These zodiac signs underestimate themselves

There are many people who underestimate themselves and have no idea how valuable and unique they actually are. Reasons for this are, for example, excessively high standards and the mundane fact that we are all used to ourselves and therefore take our skills and talents for granted. (In the following article you will find more information and reasons why you underestimate yourself.) The tendency to underestimate yourself is typically particularly pronounced in the following zodiac signs.


Fish typically underestimate both their capabilities and the importance of their needs. Especially in exam situations, the watermark often loses confidence in itself and loses its nerve with excitement. In addition, Pisces only think of themselves when everyone else is cared for and happy. In doing so, they deserve – of course – just like everyone else to be satisfied.


Geminis are usually extremely clever, shrewd and gifted – but consider this to be completely normal and therefore hold back. Often they are already three steps further in their heads while others are still discussing step one. But the air sign usually takes this as an opportunity to doubt itself rather than take the floor and bring those around them to their status. But you can't blame him for that – because there are many people who simply cannot be helped / advanced …


Virgos mostly believe (at least subconsciously) that they have to earn their place in this world by doing something and making everything they do as perfect as possible. In doing so, they completely ignore how lovable and enriching they are for their fellow human beings – only by being and being there as they are. The earth sign underestimates its uniqueness, the value of its feeling, its ability to empathize and so much more that defines it. It would probably help a lot if he could just see himself through someone else's eyes for a day.


When it comes to taking responsibility, Sagittarius is usually happy to let others take precedence. The reason: The fire sign typically underestimates one's own strength and resilience. This is why Sagittarius shy away from problems and conflicts and quickly feel stressed when expectations and demands are placed on them. What others expect of them is usually not nearly as much as they ask of themselves, and they can easily do it. And the Sagittarius usually does not lack the strength to endure or resolve conflicts.

1st March

These zodiac signs are exploited by others

Are you always the person who evades when walking when four people come towards you next to each other? And then standing around in the bushes or in the mud while the others walk on relaxed? Or the one who always goes to great lengths for her friends and lets everything stand and fall in order to help them – but then stands alone when she needs support herself? If it comforts you: You are not alone with this! The following zodiac signs know what you are going through. Because they are typically exploited particularly often.

4 zodiac signs that are quickly exploited


Pisces tend to empathize so intensely with others that they forget themselves. They are always there for others when they are needed, but rarely get the support back in the same way – and most of the time they also show understanding that they are being left hanging. For those who take advantage of them, of course, very convenient …


For Taurus it is a matter of honor to be there for others. They place great value on loyalty and reliability, and unconditionally support their loved ones, which they take for granted. However, as is well known, not all people have as great a sense of honor as the Taurus – and therefore only rarely respond to the "unconditional" support of the earth sign with a revenge or at least an appropriate thank you.


Libra would do very, very much to avoid conflict and bad vibes – and never complain, for example, when treated unfairly or ignored. Many people take advantage of this: by doing just that and using the scales unrestrainedly.


Sagittarius are extremely gullible and fundamentally think the world is fair. They rely on what they give to get back in some way. That is why they usually give very much and a lot – and thus make it extremely easy for other people to take advantage of them.