Horoscope: These zodiac signs hold together even in difficult times


The corona virus poses challenges for all of us, some push it to its limits. During this time it is good to have a person by your side who gives you strength and takes away fear. You can find tips on how to make the relationship as harmonious as possible in a tight space, as well as advice from couple therapist Eric Hegmann, what is important in a relationship in the corona crisis, in our articles. And we will now reveal which pairs of zodiac signs are the least to worry about because they harmonize well even in difficult times.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs harmonize very well even in difficult times

Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorn and Virgo are largely soul mates! Similar perspectives, similar problem-solving strategies, similar ways of enjoying life. No wonder that these two strengthen their backs in difficult times and enjoy the good times together twice.


Aquarius and twins

Even if Aquarius and Gemini have different approaches: Both primarily want to make life as easy and pleasant as possible. While Aquarius tends to use his imagination and feeling, the twin remains in reality and relies on his mind – but it is precisely through this contrast that they always find the best way together.

Fish and scales

In combination, fish and scales have a decisive superpower: 100% certainty that they are always there for each other! Whether as friends, family or partner, these two combine something very special that makes them unbeatable and unbreakable together.

Aries and Sagittarius

Ram and Sagittarius often experience many and (at least felt) very intense ups and downs with each other. But these two only weld each individual ascent and descent closer together. Over time, they will feel this and learn to trust that each low not only results in an all the more beautiful high – but also that their bond becomes stronger and stronger.

Bull and cancer

The secret of this pairing is above all that bull and cancer optimally balance each other! As soon as the cancer runs the risk of stepping into something or dramatizing certain feelings, the bull brings it back to its senses with its pragmatism. The cancer in turn motivates the bull not only to endure everything stoically, but also to approach its own happiness. A highly effective double in the game against fate!

Lion and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio – two generally very stable personalities, but together the two are usually so strong that nothing can shake them! But it is no coincidence: You just know how to make the most of your fortune and fill up your energy storage for bad times …

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