Horoscope: These zodiac signs often withdraw emotionally

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3 zodiac signs that hide their emotions behind a wall

Horoscope: Not every sign of the zodiac is emotionally available in the same way – and that’s a good thing


It’s all well and good that some people live out their feelings for everyone to see – these three zodiac signs are much more restrained in their emotions.

Who actually says that it is bad to be a little more cautious about your feelings towards the outside world? These zodiac signs are often so cautious precisely because they are in harmony with their feelings or want to restore their inner balance.

These zodiac signs are not very emotionally available

Seen soberly, this is exactly the right step: When turbulence disturbs life, it is often very beneficial to withdraw emotionally and calmly rearrange the new situation. Therefore, their restrained manner is a real strength for these zodiac signs, because when the dust has settled, they face the change stably and confidently.

Source used: Own research