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Horoscope: These zodiac signs peak at full moon

Full moon, the awarding of the Oscars – on the night of Monday, February 10th. something is going on, on earth as in the universe. Some signs of the zodiac affect this, others do not notice anything at all and others experience a roaring high towards the end of Sunday. We'll now reveal which ones will benefit from this.

Horoscope: These 4 zodiac signs form a full moon on the full moon


One might have thought that it couldn't go any higher, but the full moon apparently gives the Aquarius even more strength and inspiration. The air sign is in a mood of optimism, but does not feel stressed or restless. It sleeps little, but is not tired during the day. The ideas are bubbling, but Aquarius senses that they won't run away and that he can take his time implementing them. So it can go a little further …


Interestingly, the coming full moon makes the bull very calm. The cosmic chaos of these days has churned up the earth sign quite a bit, but the full moon as a sign that everything is still going in its regulated, orderly manner lets it come down a bit – and then start again from there to its usual high form.


This full moon makes scales particularly enterprising. Watch Oscars, hang out with friends, celebrate life and be inspired. The Libra doesn't care what tomorrow is. Right, because it is exactly this behavior that gives the zodiac sign strength for the morning – even if you can go back to bed earlier …


Scorpions currently have an enchanting charisma, even more enchanting than usual. With its charm and looseness, the watermark captivates everyone. The full moon night holds a very special surprise for some scorpions and confirms their actions.

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