Horoscope: These zodiac signs run away from their problems

These zodiac signs run away from their problems

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February 23

These zodiac signs run away from their problems

Problems are opportunities to grow and develop personally – blah blah blah, life is nicer without it! Above all, the following zodiac signs see problems primarily as a reason to turn around and gain a safe distance as quickly as possible …


Gemini easily has the skills and competencies to solve problems – the motivation on the other hand … the air sign often lacks that a bit. In fact, Gemini do not see many things as a problem that could almost compete with the end of the world for others. The Luftzeichen basically prefers to take life lightly and with humor rather than super seriously and tragically. Even in the worst possible outcome of a situation, it does not see the end of the world. As a result, twins often seem like blatant problem avoiders to others – but in truth they just have a different (healthier?) View of things.


Libra is their calm and harmony above everything. Although they are always there for others when they have a problem to deal with, and also in disputes and conflicts between other people, Libra likes to bring their diplomatic skills to the table. But when it comes to your own problems and difficulties, the air sign knows only one coping strategy: distract yourself, numb yourself if necessary and sit things out. Maybe not the healthiest course of action – but if it works for the scales …


Sagittarians usually choose one of two methods when faced with a problem: either they turn and leave, or they downplay the problem and view it as an adventure. In this respect, the fire sign basically never has anything to do with problems. It gets tricky, of course, when at some point the shooter is faced with problems from all sides and harasses and persecutes him, so that he can only take refuge in an illusory world in order to avoid an argument. But of course we wish the fire sign that it never comes to that …