Horoscope: These zodiac signs should take care of themselves a lot more now

These zodiac signs now tend to overwhelm each other

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The horoscope news in the Brigitte ticker: These zodiac signs now tend to overwhelm themselves.

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May 17th: These zodiac signs now tend to overwhelm themselves

There are times when we can go full throttle without end – and at other times we don’t even have to try. We are not always in top form, a break and a little bit of protection has to be easy at times. The stars now recommend the following zodiac signs to push a rather calm ball. Unfortunately, they seem to find it all too difficult to follow this recommendation.


The stars now warmly recommend Aries to take care of himself and to take care of himself. But it is not so easy for the ambitious fire sign under circumstances. Most Aries get restless quickly if there is no success for a long time and they find it difficult to relax. But now is not the time to push and force something. Lean back, take a deep breath, focus on yourself and wait is currently the best thing Aries can do. And those who take this to heart will also find happiness and fulfillment in it.


Virgos generally find it very difficult to endure when they are dependent on others and cannot control everything themselves. Unfortunately, right now is such a time when exactly that is the case. In many virgins, this triggers actionism with which they try to balance or compensate for their powerlessness. However, it does not lead to anything – except frustration and weakness.


Scorpios now feel challenged to a trial of strength and competition that puts them under psychological and physical pressure. It would be advisable to question your own perception and to find out to whom something should actually be proven. What is behind this urge to assert yourself against others? Is it about power? To respect? For appreciation? Are there perhaps feelings of inferiority behind this? The stars suggest that one should fathom this in peace, instead of throwing oneself into the ring with full speed. Because maybe that’s not necessary afterwards.