Horoscope: These zodiac signs will catch up with their past in March

These zodiac signs catch up with their past in March

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The horoscope news in the Brigitte ticker: These zodiac signs catch up with their past +++ in March

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8th of March

These zodiac signs will catch up with their past in March

Our past can do a lot to us. It can strengthen us and give us strength, inspire and motivate us. A look back can arouse pride and gratitude for what we have already achieved and mastered. On the other hand, our past can also frighten and unsettle us. It can stick to us like a burdock that makes it difficult for us to move forward … Sometimes our past appears out of nowhere and suddenly becomes the present again – and according to the horoscope, the following zodiac signs will experience just that in March.


Due to the influence of Lilith and Uranus, Taurus can now feel old wounds particularly strongly again. You might want to ignore this feeling because it upsets you and disturbs your inner peace. But real dealing with your pain gives you the chance to develop yourself and to become a freer person. Can you use it Or do you need some more time?


Sometimes the past comes in and draws our attention to omissions, to potentials that we have not drawn from, talents that we have neglected – as it does now with the zodiac sign Gemini. You still have a lot of skills and possibilities that you have hardly used so far. Are you really "just" clever? Is your sensitivity really "only" useful to be funny? Perhaps your emotional side, your emotional intelligence, can also be an enrichment for you and those around you. At least that's what the stars seem to believe.


Sagittarians now have the opportunity to continue an age-old story that they had to break off in the past for various reasons – and we can reveal this much: This could turn into a real success story. With your current maturity and the experiences of the last few years you are a stronger and more confident person than you were then. Your own idealism is now enriched with a healthy dose of realism, your courage and your hope are immune to disappointment – because you have learned nothing to expect. You really don't need to be afraid of your past: you are more than ready to look her in the eye.