Horoscope: These zodiac signs will give wings to the worm moon on March 28th

The full moon on March 28th will give wings to these zodiac signs

On Sunday, March 28th, there will be a full moon again. Here we reveal which zodiac signs particularly benefit from its influence according to the horoscope.

Upset? Slept bad? Perhaps this has to do with the fact that the full moon is due again shortly: On Sunday, March 28th at around ten to nine in the evening, the time has come. At this point in time, the earth is between the moon and the sun, and from our point of view the moon hovers exactly opposite the sun. In this constellation we see its side fully illuminated by the sun – unless the celestial body happens to be moving in the shadow of the earth, which would result in a lunar eclipse. This is not the case in March, but this month our Trabant shows us in all its glory. For our perception, the moon will appear very full and bright in the nights from Friday or Saturday (depending on the eyesight) to Tuesday.

Like every full moon, the March full moon also has a name: Our ancestors called it “spring moon” (ie “spring moon” for everyone who no longer knows the outdated term “spring moon” for this time of year). The Algonquians, natives of North America, christened the March full moon “worm moon”, because at this time the snow began to melt and the birds were able to peck the first little worms out of the ground.

This year the moon is at the peak of its “full phase” in the zodiac sign Libra. And according to the horoscope, it will have a particularly inspiring and exhilarating effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: The full moon on March 28th gives wings to these zodiac signs


The spring moon gives Cancers the courage to look at themselves positively and appreciatively. They now recognize their strengths and allow themselves (rightly!) To be proud of themselves. Perhaps this also stimulates the desire in some to dare to try something new: Maybe a career jump or change? Or a step in your private life (relationship?) That is otherwise rather untypical for you? No matter what it is: afterwards you will be glad that you dared!


The full moon pulls lions outside: out into life, out of your comfort zone, out of your habits, your familiar surroundings. You now have a great desire to discover the world from a new perspective, to get to know yourself better and to challenge yourself. Maybe some of your fellow human beings get a little scared at so much energy. But that doesn’t and shouldn’t slow you down. You know your needs and your mission – so full speed ahead!


Libra feels light and optimistic right now. Fate does not want to be as you imagine it? Then not, after all, there are enough other ways and options that you can use to find your happiness. You have the freedom and opportunity to be flexible and to get involved with life however it comes to you, so why should you grieve when you have to make use of it? Of course, the full moon in your sign has a share in your current positive energy – but this super great attitude that you are currently displaying is entirely your account.

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