Horoscope: This is how the Snow Moon will affect you on February 27th – according to the zodiac sign


When the full moon approaches, it is usually felt especially by the very sensitive sleepers among us – because the nights become noticeably lighter during this time. But typically that's not the only effect our Trabant has on us in all its glory …

Full moon on February 27th at 9:17 am: What does that actually mean?

On the night of Saturday, February 27th, we will experience the brightest night of the month. On this date we have a full moon, the brightest of all moon phases. In this phase our satellite "stands" or hovers exactly on the opposite side of the sun when viewed from earth. So the earth is between the moon and the sun – that is, we see exactly the side of it on which sunlight falls.

The exact time for this full moon can be given as 9:17 a.m. Central European Time – So in the early morning hours of Saturday. However, we will not see any difference in the phase of the moon with our naked eye when we look up at 5 a.m. or at 11.30 p.m. on Friday. Only a few nights after the night of the full moon will the earth's satellite slowly begin to retreat in our perception. The February full moon takes place in the constellation Virgo.

Full moon in February: When the Snow Moon takes effect

The full moon can affect us very differently from person to person and from month to month. We have therefore uncovered for you what the individual zodiac signs can prepare for during the full moon weekend in our gallery above. But what is generally interesting on the February full moon: The Algonquians, a North American indigenous people, traditionally called it "Snow Moon" because this time of year saw the heaviest snowfalls in the region. In this country, the second full moon of the year is called "Hornung". It is believed that our ancestors called it that because many red deer shed their antlers in February.

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