Horoscope: This zodiac sign awaits the most beautiful weekend of Pentecost

At Pentecost, the influences of Mercury and Saturn have a positive and calming effect on many people. We are now revealing which zodiac signs await a particularly beautiful, long weekend.

Horoscope: This zodiac sign awaits the most beautiful weekend of Pentecost


You are currently doing better and better at differentiating yourself from negative people and concentrating on those who give you strength and do you good. And if you don't suddenly back down now, there's nothing standing in the way of a wonderful weekend. Surround yourself with people who really mean something to you and let you feel that you are important to them (don't worry, there are enough of them in your life!). Dear company is now your greatest source of strength and the best way to let your energy vampires forget you.


Twins have currently leased weekend happiness for themselves. Just in time for Friday, your mood curve rises and you can wipe away everyday tortures and worries like a crumb from the table. Above all, adventure and variety appeal to you now and can give you a lot of joy. Would you like a little camping trip? Or is there a possibility nearby to go canoeing or SUP? Seeing the world from a different perspective can help you to keep your weekend serenity in the long term. And you would also have a great time!


Your social streak pulsates particularly strongly at the weekend. You enjoy being with others and being there for them, because being able to help also makes you feel good. But even if you spend most of the weekend alone, the stars predict a few nice moments: your inner balance just makes you relaxed and satisfied. And thanks to Pentecost, you have enough time and rest to enjoy this state extensively!


Real happiness is what we have, not what we want. Somehow you just understood what sounds like a cheesy calendar saying somehow emotionally. You feel a deep gratitude for your life and all the little things that make it up – joie de vivre now sweetens everything you do. It doesn't matter whether you spend the long weekend comfortably in a place in the sun, exhaust yourself and be active or spend your time with other people, you will surely be happy with it, because you just have the right attitude.

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