Horoscope: This zodiac sign is always looking for arguments

thick air
This zodiac sign is always looking for arguments

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Addicted to harmony? Isn't that zodiac sign at all! On the contrary: there is always a reason for long discussions …

First of all, the most important thing: A dispute does not have to be something negative automatically. There is almost no partnership or friendship where the tatters don't fly properly – anything else would also be unhealthy. However, there is a zodiac sign that regularly tries to fight with others. This is mainly due to his mentality.

Already a tip: The zodiac sign we are talking about is generally pretty uncompromising and wants to get its way with all means. In addition, there is an exaggerated perfectionism that it shows. This zodiac sign also loves to criticize other people for their behavior. Well, have you already guessed who that could be? Right, the virgin!

Stay cool!

Of course, the Virgo can't do much with this saying. Because if something doesn't go the way she envisaged in her perfect plan, then the air quickly becomes thick. With Virgos you have to be regularly prepared for arguments, especially if you have a character that is not at all similar to theirs.

But, dear Virgo partners: don't worry! Virgos, of course, also have very, very many good qualities. For example, they are disciplined – which is why they don't argue loudly. This not only spares your own nerves, but also conveniently protects those of the neighbors. They're also wonderfully independent and pretty good at cheering up their sweetheart when he or she is feeling down. A gift that many other zodiac signs do not have. So you already notice: It's all half as wild!

And to all virgins out there: please, please stay as you are – because one thing is certain: it will never be boring with you "