Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from August 23rd to 29th

Those are the lucky ones of the week from August 23rd to 29th

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Throwing off ballast and creating space for new things – the stars encourage you to do this in the week from 23 to 29 August. You can read here which zodiac signs can expect particularly good days according to the horoscope.

Under the waning moon, the week from August 23 onwards is ideal for internal cleansing. What is not good for me? What is too much for me? Asking these questions and drawing conclusions from the answers can now be worthwhile and bring about positive changes. Mercury inspires and promotes creative, exciting ideas.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from August 23rd to 29th


Pisces generally perceive their life and the world as a miracle that they want to face with openness and curiosity. This quality or attitude will be of particular benefit to you this week, as it allows you to remain calm and serene in complex, chaotic situations. Your posture is also good for your fellow human beings, you now appear like a solid rock in a stormy surf, even if you do nothing more than be there. Mars and Mercury urge you to trust your intuition in the coming days and not let outside influences dissuade you.


Aries has a week of love ahead thanks to the influence of Venus. Whether it is romantic or erotic love or a friendly, platonic form is open, in any case it gives you a lot of strength and strengthens your hope and your (self) confidence. Inspired by Chiron, you now also endeavor to approach yourself with attention and interest and without prejudice and pretension. You try to look at both your feelings and your characteristics without judging. You will probably not and must probably not succeed one hundred percent in switching off your self-assessment overnight, but the attempt alone has a positive effect on your well-being and gives you an impulse that sets self-development and self-liberation in motion.


This week, Venus lets the charm of Libra shine in a very special way. You appear present and pleasant to other people and it is easy for you to contribute and show your strengths. What only very few notice: There is a lot going on inside you, because you are in the middle of a phase of self-knowledge and growth. You begin to feel that not only your achievements and abilities have a meaning, but that you as a person in your uniqueness, your way of feeling and making decisions, make sense and carry a treasure in you. And whether you can believe it or not: others see this treasure too. As is its value.

Source used: Brigitte two-week horoscope