Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from June 14th to 20th

Those are the lucky ones of the week from June 14th to 20th

Horoscope from June 14th, 2021: This week has it all for three zodiac signs.


After a turbulent week of astronomy, the universe will be calmer again in the coming days. You can read here which zodiac signs according to the horoscope can expect a particularly nice week from June 14th to 20th.

In the week from June 14th to 20th, many people still feel the aftermath of last week’s solar eclipse, otherwise Mars is now strengthening our self-confidence and Neptune fires our imagination. The events in our universe these days have a particularly positive effect on the following zodiac signs.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from June 14th to 20th


Uranus now encourages Aquarius to set themselves apart and to deliberately defy foreign expectations and claims. This releases unimaginably great strengths that can be invested in projects and activities that are good for your own mind and body – tidying up your life, for example, and creating more space for the essentials and things that are close to your heart. Saturn especially supports this by sharpening the view for the big picture and helping to set priorities.


Aries now live and feel very intensely and enjoy the here and now with full awareness and one hundred percent attention. Mercury and Venus encourage people to focus on what appeals to their own heart and triggers real, deep enthusiasm. Under Pluto’s influence, the fire sign dares to think big and reach for the stars – which could be worthwhile. When it comes to love, courage and openness are advisable these days, as well as looking at the here and now instead of the past. According to the horoscope, these are now the prerequisites for real love happiness.


After having faced some challenges lately, Libra is now getting loads of positive influences and energies from our universe. Venus helps to combine imagination and fantasy with passion and enthusiasm. Libra can now apply, incorporate and accommodate their ideas where they genuinely enjoy it and have an honest interest in the implementation and the result. To rely more on the inner voice in everything than on objections and concerns from outside is the urgent advice of the stars.

Source used: BRIGITTE two-week horoscope