Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from March 8th to 14th

Those are the lucky ones of the week from March 8th to 14th

Spring is just around the corner, but that's not the only thing that gets these three zodiac signs in high spirits.


The second week of March will be wintry again, but that hardly affects the mood. Here you can find out which zodiac signs should be in a particularly good mood from March 8th to 14th according to the horoscope.

According to the weather report, the second week of March will not be as spring-like as the last week of February, but the cosmic mood is nevertheless characterized by optimism, zest for action and love of life. Mars in the zodiac sign Gemini allows us to act carefully, but at the same time motivated, the new moon on March 13th makes us open to new things. We will now reveal which zodiac signs get particularly positive vibes from an astrological point of view in the week of March 8th to 14th.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from March 8th to 14th


You will benefit from the fact that Mars is now in Gemini in almost all areas of life this week. You have a lot of energy and motivation, you can handle even demanding tasks with joy and almost with ease. Above all, organizing and keeping track are your strengths now, for which your fellow human beings are celebrating you with all their hearts. In your free time you like to be active and in motion – who is surprised with so much energy that you can feel in yourself at the moment. Nevertheless, be careful not to overwhelm yourself or catch a cold – after all, spring is only just beginning.


Ooooh, Cancers have a great week ahead of them, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships – and in our world that is, as is well known, the whole rent! Your charisma is now simply magical, you appear extremely sympathetic and trustworthy to others. Both in your private life and at work, you and your fellow human beings give each other a lot of strength, together you are really strong now. Apart from that, creative tasks are particularly easy for you at the moment – physical exertion, on the other hand, doesn't irritate you that much, but that shouldn't irritate you. It is best to listen to your feelings and allow yourself enough rest. At the moment you don't need top athletic performance to feel comfortable and balanced.


A good mood, perspective and a great feeling for other people – this is how you could roughly sum up the coming week for the Scorpio. It is now extremely easy for you to prioritize, because you can see exactly what is really essential and important. In addition, you are very sensitive and can adapt well to your fellow human beings. In the private sphere this brings you closer to your loved ones, in the job teamwork and cooperation run like clockwork. Thanks to the approaching new moon, you now have a very good, restful sleep and therefore a lot of energy during the day.

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