Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from October 19th to 25th

In the penultimate week of October, Mars reaches a critical point and Uranus asks for clear words. You can read here which zodiac signs the stars hold out to be particularly lucky.

At the end of the Libra season, tensions are in the air: Lilith switches to Taurus and challenges Mercury, Uranus wants to uncover secrets that should be better kept hidden, and Mars leads us on a course of confrontation and encourages arguing. The waxing moon also makes particularly sensitive people restless and irritable. But: The current formations in our universe are not a challenge for everyone! According to the horoscope, the following three zodiac signs have a great, happy and successful week ahead of them.

Horoscope: Those are the lucky ones of the week from October 19th to 25th


Venus and Jupiter now give you confidence and joie de vivre. You feel like a change and you like to try something new – whether culinary, sexual or leisure activities, the main thing is to experiment! Merkur helps you to work through your daily to-dos in a motivated and efficient manner and gives you the right drive in your job. You are currently in top form creatively: You have loads of ideas and it is best to write them down – not everything can be implemented now, but there could be something for later. In the interpersonal area, love and harmony dominate the picture. If you are in a relationship, you can now consolidate your bond and your mutual trust.


Taurus are extremely understanding and patient this week – both with others and with yourself. It is easy for you to allow yourself rest and relaxation, which you actually need a lot now. For your loved ones, you are just like a South Sea island that they head to to relax and feel good. Your inner peace and balance radiate to others. In your job, you work in a very structured way and can get rid of accumulated ballast. And in love, Venus and Jupiter are on your side – so really not much can go wrong with you this week.


Virgos have it all this week! On the job you can fully play out your talents and strengths and get a lot of recognition and appreciation for this. You now appear equally attractive and sympathetic to other people (by the way: Here you can find out what others particularly value about your zodiac sign) – you get a lot of attention and encouragement and can strengthen the relationship with your favorite person. With Venus by your side you will also feel physically and mentally balanced. Unless something unforeseen comes up, this will be your week – and that is my heartfelt wish!

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