Horoscope video: moon signs – this is the perfect partner for you


This is the perfect partner for your moon sign

The moon has a huge impact on your love life.


Do you already know your moon sign? In addition to your zodiac sign, your moon sign can also reveal exciting character traits about you and also reveal which other moon sign suits you best.

Probably everyone knows his zodiac sign, but the moon sign? Yes, it actually has a big impact on our personality. Because it describes in which of the twelve zodiac signs the moon was at the time of your birth and how that affects you.

Moon sign: That reveals it about your emotional world

Our moon sign is particularly exciting with a view to our love life, because the position of the moon reflects our inner feelings and shows what we need to feel safe and secure. While the easiest way to find your personal moon sign is via this moon sign info article, we will show you in the video which moon sign gives you exactly this security!