Horoscope: You can look forward to this in April – according to the zodiac sign

If a month already starts with the fact that you can eat a lot of chocolate, it can only be good – right? With Easter, the only set of public holidays that you can always and fortunately also rely on this year, April definitely has a huge plus in the books. In any case, the month has it easy to convince us every year: Nature blossoms around us, the birds seem to sing about life, the bumblebees join in cheerfully and on some days it is almost as if it had this terrible one Winter never existed.

From the first bike tour to the first complexion to grilling – April offers a lot of occasions that we can look forward to, that give us new strength and that are guaranteed to lift our mood, come what may. You can find out what the stars and planets for the twelve zodiac signs have in our gallery. But not that you approach it with false expectations: As is well known, our good old omnipotence will never be as concrete as “grilling” …

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