Horoscope: Your stars on Tuesday, February 4, 2020


The cosmos is under tension and the week is still long – we will now reveal how this influences the different zodiac signs.

Horoscope: Your stars on Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Ibex feel great pressure today – from inside and outside. Sorry, but that's what happens when you always push yourself to the limit and push your expectations to the limit … Show the others that you are (only) human and stand by yourself. Don't worry: this doesn't make you appear weak – but likeable!



Aquarians are just in a good mood today! Rain? Storm? No matter! After all, it stays light longer! The air sign just sees everything positive in everything and looks forward to what lies ahead. Enjoy this mood and don't stress yourself to make something out of it – then you will do it all by yourself.


Fish feel agitated today and are very emotional – but not in a negative sense, because it makes them lively, communicative and spontaneous! Maybe a good opportunity to write diary? Because the louder they speak, the better we can understand our feelings … sometimes at least, and today could be a day for fish.


The universe doesn't mean the ram so well today. Obstacles, potential for conflict, misunderstandings – unfortunately, the fire sign is currently facing some challenges. It's best not to take it too hard and avoid putting yourself in a victim role. Do something good to balance yourself! Better days are guaranteed to come again.


Bulls are sociable, willing to compromise and highly motivated today – the best prerequisites for getting something big off the ground in a team or finally getting rid of an annoying to-do. Use the day and believe in yourself! Then you can almost put your feet up the rest of the week …


Hui, what's going on there? Today twins are unusually emotional and very sensitive to their fellow human beings. Perfect opportunity to spend time with someone you care about – or maybe for an honest discussion …?


Cancer is the lucky guy of the day today! There is peace and order inside and so nothing stands in the way of his performance emotionally. From the outside, the stars keep his way clear: colleagues who stand behind him, relationships that give him strength – the watermark has plenty of tailwind.


Lions are extremely mentally fit today. Seeing connections, predicting consequences, setting priorities – all of these things are very easy for you to do. A good opportunity to make important decisions and dedicate yourself to demanding tasks. Nobody can fool you as a guide at the moment.


Oh dear, not your day ?! Virgins today suffer extremely from their mistakes and weaknesses (yes, even more than usual …) – and to make matters worse, they also feel responsible for the problems and bad moods of their fellow human beings (which of course they are not!). The best reaction to these devastating vibes: take a hot bath, lock the door and relax! Because if you try to resist by "pulling yourself together," it only gets worse.


Scales are energetic, motivated and open-minded today – a great day to try something new. Even if it is just another way to work, at the moment every change can enrich and advance you. In the social area in particular, it can be worthwhile to change something, try it out or engage in new relationships.


Phew, nobody should stand in the way of the scorpion today! You know exactly what you want and don't let anyone slow you down. However, consideration and patience are not your strengths … When it comes to erotica, you are in top form! Confidence makes you sexy.


Everything okay? You are exceptionally thin-skinned and easy to provoke today. But aren't you actually doing quite well ?! What exactly makes you dissatisfied? The day is ideal for questioning your perception and comparing it with reality. Apart from that, if you get angry with others, you punish yourself for their mistakes. So: try to take things calmly – then nothing can harm you.

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