Horoscope: Zodiac signs that benefit from the romantic energy of Venus

Venus bestows romantic feelings on these zodiac signs

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Venus is wandering and three zodiac signs benefit from it in particular – romantic feelings are guaranteed.

Venus is the planet that represents love, romance and harmony. When she moves into Pisces on Friday, the atmosphere crackles. Beyond daydreams and longings, Venus manages to inspire us and touch our hearts – especially in these three zodiac signs.


Love will awaken on Friday as Venus moves into the zodiac sign Pisces – a sensitive phase for the zodiac sign begins. Emotions are in full swing over the next few days – romance, longing and deep emotions are the order of the day.

But this momentum is also an ideal opportunity to explore yourself and your desires more closely. The more you reflect, the easier it will be for you to flirt or deepen existing relationships—both interpersonal and romantic. The important message behind it: Dedicate time to (self) love.


Aries is a very passionate zodiac sign and the subject of love always plays one of the main roles in life. The sign of the zodiac loves to give and also to mirror his counterpart when he:she has feelings, but sometimes his own pride stands in the way. Show vulnerable? Then a big hurdle for the Aries. How good that Venus is on the side of the zodiac sign, because she supports the emotional side of Aries. When this is activated, the zodiac sign finds it easier to reveal feelings and then realizes how relieving it can be to get things off your chest.


Aquarius is a zodiac sign that stands for freedom, adventure and independence. Venus, which is still in Aquarius, awakens a kind of longing for security and closeness in the sign of the zodiac. The constellation offers a good chance to unite both longings. What does Aquarius need? An open heart and the willingness to get involved. Then he/she will realize that you don’t have to let go of your independence just because you get involved with another person.

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