Horror on campus: four students killed in their sleep, their alleged murderer finally arrested?

Several months after a series of murders that terrified Idaho, law enforcement may have found a suspect with a very particular profile…

End of the nightmare? The story dates back to November 2022, the 13th more particularly. The police of the small town of Moscow, in the state of Idaho in the northwestern United States had then been called to a residence a few steps from the university campus, where she had discovered the corpses of four students who had been brutally killed while they slept. Several months later, a suspect, Bryan Kohberger, was arrested on December 30 and charged, as revealed by AFP. Local authorities seized the 28-year-old in Pennsylvania, more than 4,000 kilometers from the city of Moscow where the murders took place.

But then how did the police manage to find his trail? If the information on the investigation remains scarce, the police do not want the suspect to know that they were on his trail, it has however been revealed that‘a car had been seen at the crime scene at the time of the crime, and that she was finally located at the end of December. This vehicle was later linked to Bryan Kohberger via DNA elements. The suspect is PhD student in criminology and criminal lawa specific specialty that could have helped him escape the police for several weeks before finally being caught.

Investigators appeal for witnesses

According to statements by prosecutor Bill Thompson, Bryan Kohberger has been charged with murder and trespassing to commit a felony, but the investigation is far from over. The prosecutor is still inviting people with any information about this fatal night to come forward. “to help investigators” to complete their work and bring some serenity and peace to the families of the victims. The four victims, all aged 20 or 21, were Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin.

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