Horror performance: sex on the first Tinder date?

Scandal at Tinder meetings
Man demands sex on the first date – and does not want to accept a no

© Ternavskaia Olga Alibec / Shutterstock

Madison from Indiana met in real life with her Tinder match after three weeks of chat. But the man probably had completely different ideas about the first date than she …

She obviously knows how to deal sensibly with Internet acquaintances. Madison only wrote her acquaintance on Tinder for three weeks before deciding to meet him for dinner.

But the young man had other plans. He took the 25-year-old home to "watch a movie", then pressured her to go to bed with him – Madison refused.

"He says I have to have sex with him because we met on Tinder." Madison films the scenario and then publishes it on TikTok. When it becomes too much for her and she quickly runs towards the front door, the man follows her. In the videos you can hear him saying to his face that such behavior is the reason women are raped. That was clearly going too far. Madison knew at that moment that she had to get out of there quickly.

On the way to the elevator, the girl turned around again and again, driven by the fear that he might follow her – luckily the man didn't do that.

"The worst part was that he didn't feel that I had the right to say no."

With her experience and the videos, Madison now wants to show how dangerous anonymous meetings can be. It is important to meet in a public place on the first date.

But no matter where the meeting takes place, a woman can and should be able to pull the emergency brake at any time.

Source used: RTL